Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Mrs. Vuolo Posts Photo Appearing To Show A Baby Bump

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant? That’s the question fans were asking after the wife of Jeremy Vuolo posted a photo that appears to show something going on in her lower abdomen. Is it an early-stage baby bump?

In a March 25 Instagram post on an account belonging to “jingernicolevuolo,” a photo of Jinger and another woman – a fan who wanted a photo op, perhaps? – apparently visiting what appears to be a museum appeared. In the photo, if you look at the bottom two buttons of her shirt, you can almost see what may be a protrusion going on in the general region of the belly button.


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At this point, several observations need to be made. First, bad lighting, bad camera angles, and the way the fabric of Jinger’s shirt was hanging that day, all could contribute to an optical illusion that makes it look like something is protruding but really isn’t. Or, it could be that Jinger is just putting on weight; rail-thin women like her tend to show every last ounce of weight gain. Or maybe she just had a big lunch and is bloated. In other words, it could be any number of things besides a bun in the oven.

Nevertheless, in the comments on Jinger’s photo, several fans are excitedly congratulating Jinger on the hypothetical baby.

marienadinepierre Jahnes love Jinger. Congrats on your pregnancy. You look really happy.”

chesneylover71 I spy a baby bump, lol…you look beautiful as always.”

Another fan said – without any evidence to back it up – that Jinger personally confirmed to him or her that she’s pregnant.

aidanlunsford I was there with my school and she told our group she is pregnant”

Other fans are pointing out that speculation over a baby is, at this stage of the game, premature at best, and inappropriate at worst.

hopesparks01 Its not a baby bump and just the way shes standing and the way her shirt is under her purse strap.”

homesweethomeschooler How would your self esteem feel if 100 strangers started congratulating you and you weren’t pregnant? Have some manners people.”

As of this writing, Jinger herself has not confirmed publicly that she’s pregnant, despite what a random Instagram user claims anonymously.

Still, as The Hollywood Gossip writer Tyler Johnson rather crudely points out, it’s not unusual for Duggar women to turn up pregnant within a few months after tying the knot.

“Jinger is a Duggar, though which means she’s been taught from a young age that women are put on Earth for the sole purpose of procreating.”

In fact, Jinger’s older brother Josh and his wife, Anna Renée Keller, married in September 2008, followed by baby Mackynzie in October 2009; so some quick math seems to indicate that Anna was pregnant within about four or five months of signing her marriage license. Older sister Jill married Derick Dillard in June 2014, followed by the birth of Israel in April 2015, meaning Jill was pregnant within weeks, not months if the math is right. Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald on November 1, 2014, followed by baby Spurgeon almost exactly a year later.

So history does seem to indicate that Duggar women, or women who marry Duggar men, do tend to get pregnant rather quickly.

Jinger just married former soccer player Jeremy Vuolo back in November 2016, and it’s been five months, so draw your own conclusions.

Do you believe Jinger Duggar is really pregnant, or are fans making much ado about nothing?

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