‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Joey’s Life In Danger As Tripp Gets Suspicious?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here, and it looks like Tripp is still pursuing his mother’s killer. What he doesn’t know is that his half-brother Joey is the one whom he’s targeting for the death. Fans of the soap know that Joey killed Ava, and in his eyes, he really had no choice but to get rid of the woman who was ruining his parent’s lives.

For a while, it looked like the murder would fall on his father Steve as he was adamant about taking the fall for the murder but in the end, it was Joey’s blood, found on Ava’s pillow, that pointed to him doing the crime despite Steve confessing to Roman about the murder. While Joey has been out of the woods on Days of Our Lives, it looks like his life may be in danger sooner rather than later.

Previous Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that Joey’s half brother Tripp comes into town in hopes to reconnect with his birth parents, Steve and Ava. That said, when he discovers his biological mother has been murdered, this stay in Salem is now driven by a new desire, and that’s to find his mother’s killer and bring him to justice. Viewers get to witness him sniffing for clues while knowing that there’s one person behind the murder.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Tripp isn’t going to give up easily, but there’s a blockade in his way, and that’s his biological father, Steve. Days of Our Lives viewers will learn that Steve tells Tripp that he killed Ava, which of course, is a confession he’s made before to protect his son.

Days of Our Lives spoilers go on to explain that Tripp will have a really difficult time trying to understand why Steve killed his mother. While we’re not sure how far he will go to explain just how disturbed Ava was, avid fans might remember that Ava was a lot to deal with. When she wasn’t kidnapping Kayla, she was putting together a shady shrine to Steve, and at one point, even manipulated him into sleeping with her despite their complicated history. It’s safe to say he’ll be sparse with the details while talking to his other son.

The real question is whether or not Tripp will believe this story or if he’ll pursue the truth? It’s easy to see why he wouldn’t just take Steve’s words at face value. After all, he knows very little about him so he may not be satisfied with that bombshell of a reveal.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Tripp will rest on it for a bit before he decides that this case isn’t closed. Spoilers state he won’t believe the story he was told and will continue to chase after leads to unveil the truth behind his mother’s murder. It looks like he’s a pretty good amateur detective because with one phone call he manages to obtain some new info.

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What is the info that Tripp scores from the phone call? Will he turn his direction towards his half-brother Joey? We’re not sure but his very presence makes Joey nervous, so nervous that he might crack if he’s pressed too hard.

In an earlier Days of Our Lives post, we noted that Jade might turn on Joey after her love is not returned. Days of Our Lives fans know these two have a rocky history so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Jade will play a part in this tangled scenario.

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