$300K In Gold Dust Found By HVAC Installers

You never know what you’ll find in an old vent. Workers from Clark & Rush, a California heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, found more than $300K in gold dust while working on an old home in Sacramento.

According to UPI, Steve Ottley and his partner were conducting an HVAC installation when they stumbled on the lucrative gold dust. Ottley said that the gold dust was stored in a dozen baby food jars and was worth more than $300,000.

Ottley said:

“I still can’t believe it today. It’s unreal. We kind of just looked at each other and said ‘wow’.'”

What’s even more unbelievable is that Ottley and his partner didn’t pocket their discovery. Instead, the workers at Clark & Rush gave the gold dust to the home owners.

Mark Thyne said that the company can’t guarantee that they’ll find gold on your property but they can guarantee that they’ll report if if they do find it.

Thyne said:

“That’s one promise we can’t make, but I can say this, the integrity and professionalism of Clark & Rush, every time we find this type of thing, we are always trustworthy and upfront.”

And this isn’t the first time that the company has stumbled upon a figurative gold mine. In the 1980s, the company found about $25,000 worth of gold coins in a home.