‘One Piece’ 861 Manga: Luffy, Capone Deal With Commander Who Can Ruin Their Plot

Chapter 861 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece promises execution of a very dangerous plot involving not just Luffy D. Monkey’s Straw Hats pirates, but also Capone ‘Gang’ Bege Fire Tank pirates, the Charlotte Linlin’s clan, and the Vinsmoke family. With so many groups colliding at the wedding venue, there are chances none of the plans go as planned.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 860 spoilers and Chapter 861 speculations ahead]

The previous few chapters of One Piece were steeped in treachery, espionage, and multiple sinister plots. While Yonko Big Mom and her daughter Lady Pudding were preparing to murder the entire Vinsmoke clan to gain control over the Germa 66 army, the Straw Hats pirates and the Fire Tank pirates were busy plotting the assassination of Charlotte Linlin herself. Fire Tank’s head Capone had crafted a multi-pronged plan to kill Big Mom and managed to secure the temporary alliance of Luffy and his gang through Jinbei.

Chapter 859 of One Piece explained exactly how Big Mom would be rendered defenseless and vulnerable. As a single photo of Mother Caramel is Big Mom’s sole vulnerability, the assassination plot involved ripping up the same. As expected, Luffy had volunteered for the dangerous mission. Capone had explained that the three most critical aspects of the assassination plot to be a success, would be the destruction of Mother Caramel’s photo, killing Big Mom before the ministers can react, and then swiftly escaping Whole Cake Chateau through Brulee’s Magic Mirror World.

Rumors about chapter 861 of One Piece indicate there are several weak points and vulnerabilities within Capone’s assassination plot. Capone is relying on Gastino’s invention, “Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher,” to kill Big Mom. However, Gastino’s true identity is Caesar Clown, who was once in Big Mom’s employment but had to defect to Capone’s gang after the latter managed to gain control over the former’s heart. In case Caesar can regain control of his heart, he might switch sides again and betray Capone.

The second vulnerability is Brulee. Luffy and Capone are relying on Brulee’s Magic Mirror World to escape the wedding venue after Big Mom is killed. They even plan on rescuing the Vinsmoke clan. However, should Brulee manage to escape her restraints, she would head straight to Big Mom. What’s worse, she would close the doors to the only escape route at the disposal of Luffy and Capone.

While these vulnerabilities depend on a lot of possibilities that might not turn out to be true, Chapter 860 of One Piece manga introduced a nasty surprise that has the potential to ruin any plans cooked up by Yonko Big Mom’s enemies. Commander Katakuri or Dogtooth Charlotte with a 1 billion 57 million bounty, is a clear and present danger to Straw Hats pirates and Fire Tank pirates. The ace shooter has perfected the art of knowing the future by honing his “Observation Haki.” Although Dogtooth cannot see beyond a few moments, he can certainly see enough to either foil the plot or at least forewarn Big Mom’s ministers.

Interestingly, chapter 861 of One Piece could indicate how Luffy and Capone manage to gain entry into the wedding venue, which was previewed in the previous chapter. The wedding venue is on the roof and is currently crawling with a lot of VIPs. These crime bosses and underworld figures have arrived with their henchmen. However, as proven in the previous chapter, not everyone present at the venue, supports Big Mom.

It is likely that Luffy and the rest of his Straw Hats gang, including Jinbei, could sneak inside the venue by bypassing the security positioned at the gate. Since Capone’s men are manning all the security checkpoints, allowing the Straw Hats inside the venue will not be difficult. Moreover, since Dogtooth Charlotte has been stationed at the main entrance, he might not notice that the Yonko’s enemies have gained entry somewhere else.

Once inside the wedding venue, every aspect of the plan will have to be executed to perfection or else, the Straw Hats pirates, Fire Tank pirates, and the Vinsmoke clan’s survival could become difficult. Moreover, there has been no mention of Sanji’s mentor Zeff and his Baratie crew. Hopefully mangaka Eiichiro Oda has thought about these innocent victims in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga, which is expected to be released without a break this week.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]