Leah Messer Staying Confident After ‘Teen Mom’ Drama With Jenelle Evans?

Leah Messer has been working on herself and her life since she learned that she struggled with anxiety and depression. Leah knew that she could lose custody of her children, as her ex-husbands worried about her health, and after she was caught dozing off while filming Teen Mom, Corey Simms considered filing for more custody of the children. However, Messer has kept the custody arrangement they had in place, and she’s clearly moving on from the drama that once kept her stressed out.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she’s trying to look at how people are treating her and judging them by what they show her – in other words, judging them based on their true colors. She shared a quote on Instagram, and it was quite telling given her recent drama with her Teen Mom co-star. Of course, Messer could be referring to someone specific, but she could also just be sharing this quote to let people know how she’s living her life these days.

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“Confidence is key to freedom. Don’t give the people who have shown their true colors more opportunity to hurt & disappoint you. When people reveal themselves acknowledge what you’ve learned with appreciation and move on. Know that you’re worthy of the same love & kindness that you give. No more excuses. Set your boundaries, know what your standards are and live accordingly,” Leah Messer revealed on Instagram recently, which could be in response to Jenelle Evans’ recent tweets about her.

Last week, Leah Messer and Jenelle watched the Teen Mom 2 reunion special and finale, and during the episode, Messer slammed Evans after learning that she had left the reunion set because she didn’t want to film with her mother. She also took Jace with her, which led to Barbara calling the police and trying to file a police report against David Eason.

But Messer thought it was unprofessional of Jenelle to leave the set. The producers were trying to get her to stick around to film the introductions for the reunion special and the conclusion. However, Evans wanted to leave because she was angry, stressed out and sad. Plus, Chelsea DeBoer had already left because she had a fever during her pregnancy and the producers saw this as a medical emergency.


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Of course, Evans was upset with her mother because she has been using MTV and Jenelle’s personal problems to keep Jace in her care. It has been an emotional battle, even though Evans has had her personal problems with drugs, relationships, and a failed marriage. Given everything Leah Messer has been through, one can imagine that she can relate on some points. Leah has two failed marriages behind her, has struggled with prescription drugs, has three children by two men, and has faced custody issues herself.

And yet, Leah Messer didn’t give Jenelle the courtesy of listening to her situation. Instead, Leah told the producers that she felt it was unprofessional for Jenelle to leave the set behind because she had a contractual reason to stay. The producers felt they couldn’t really do anything to keep her around, so they called the police when she brought her son Jace with her. When the episode aired, Jenelle lashed out at Leah Messer for saying the things she did, even though they didn’t seem too harsh. She merely reminded her co-star that filming Teen Mom is a job and should be treated as such.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s Instagram post? Do you think she’s referring to Jenelle Evans when she’s talking about people showing their true colors?

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