Chrissy Teigen TROLLED John Legend on Twitter, Saying He Is a “Dick”

Not even her husband is excluded from the name calling as Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend on Twitter on Monday. The Twitter extraordinaire was watching her husband as a team advisor on NBC’s “The Voice” on Monday evening, and she’s obviously excited about it. Chrissy Teigen wasn’t playing the goody wife as she thinks Legend is being a “dick” while judging some contestants. What’s more? He agrees with his wife! Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend on Twitter, calling him out as a “dick.”

Chrissy Teigen thinks John Legend is a “dick"
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They are #relationshipgoals

Indeed, they are. The couple proved that even the social media is a good platform to have an adorable banter with your significant other. Outspoken Chrissy Teigen is a Twitter icon who knows how to use her social medium very well. In fact, her account is full of comments as she poses random thoughts, calls out bashers, defend herself, and lets enemies know where they stand.

Just recently, the supermodel politely told Fox News that she “detests” them after tagging her in a tweet. Fox News received the hard truth after the news network wrote an article about different celebrity reactions to the United Airlines legging fiasco. United Airlines was under fire for denying the flight of three passengers from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday due to the inappropriate dress code. One of the passengers was a ten-year-old girl who wore spandex leggings and had to change into a dress after a gate agent denied her entry. However, the other two persons, ages unknown, had to miss the flight as they did not have any extra clothes on hand.

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The row trended online after Shannon Watts posted what happened on her Twitter account. She gained a lot of support from social media users, and even celebrities have spoken out on the new rule. The airlines had been called out for body shaming and sexism due to the new dress code protocol. Yet, the United Airlines defended its actions and claimed they were just following the rules listed on the Contract of Carriage.

Chrissy Teigen did not let this absurd rule pass along as she tweeted that she’d rather wear pants and a scarf on her next flight with the airlines. Fox News saw her tweet and tagged her in their story, but the response they received from the Sports Illustrated model was quite a shock.

Teigen was annoyed by the tag and respectfully told Fox News not to tag her anymore before declaring that she “detests” them. Hubby John Legend wholeheartedly supported his partner by sharing the tweet and captioning it with “I love this woman.”

He is a what…?

If you expect Teigen to be drooling over the lovey-dovey act, you’re wrong. Things turned upside down when Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend on Twitter, saying he is a “dick” three times. As she was watching her hubby judging some of the contestants on Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” the Twitter queen posted her opinions of Legend’s judging skills. She wrote, “@johnlegend hey u r a dick on @NBCTheVoice.”

Chrissy Teigen thinks John Legend is a “dick”
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While Legend was criticizing the contestants, it unleashed Teigen’s inner troll as she tweeted, “@johnlegend u have the runs.”

For the second time that evening, she wrote again, “anyone else think @johnlegend is a huge dick on @NBCTheVoice because he is.” We don’t think so, Chrissy but whatever you say!

Not yet satisfied, the model called him a “dick” for exactly the third time. And to end the hilarious night, Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend in her post about a Twitter search. She wrote, “lmao I twitter searched “john legend sucks.” And nothing came up. No one thinks John Legend sucks, only Chrissy. She should have more trust in her husband, though. Nevertheless, this couple is giving us serious #relationshipgoals as John Legend tweeted back a reply to his wife’s vulgar name calling. He posted, “@chrissyteigen @NBCTheVoice all the time. All the time.” Aww, sweet!

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