Jersey Devil Photo Captured By Construction Worker? Mentioned On Fox And Friends

An image captured along a highway on a stormy evening looks a lot like the descriptions of the Jersey Devil, which have been passed down as folklore for more than two centuries. Whatever this huge winged creature is, it has created a buzz across social media sites. Fox and Friends Weekend live on Sunday morning also mentioned what a construction worker and his friends claimed to have seen and captured in a picture using a cell phone camera; the Jersey Devil.

According to Philly Voice, this picture was taken along a stretch of highway about an hour outside of Philadelphia. The unnamed 32-year-old construction worker was driving along the highway on a stormy evening with friends. The construction worker's initials are reported as R.W. and he and his friends spotted what they first thought might be a "massive vulture."

As they got closer, they realized this entity was too big to be a vulture, claims R.W., and they knew what they were seeing was not any type of bird. According to Disclose TV, it wasn't until they saw the picture that they realized it looked like the Jersey Devil. They describe it as having "bat-like wings" and "goat-like features." This group of friends didn't think this creature looked like any vulture species known today.

The legend of the Jersey Devil dates back to the 1700s in the Pine Barrens section of New Jersey, according to Jersey History. The different stories of the Jersey Devil all go back to a woman named Deborah Smith, who married Mr. Leeds. She became Mrs. Leeds and she gave birth to 12 children before her world imploded with the 13th child.

It was Leeds' 13th birth where this Jersey Devil legend originates, but the reasons as to why she would gave birth to the Jersey Devil vary greatly. They range from Mrs. Leeds having such a difficult delivery with this baby that she invoked the devil during her painful labor to rid the pain. The child then turned into this Jersey Devil.

Another tale puts this devil child as a result of a curse on the family and still others have the baby born as the Jersey Devil because Mrs. Leeds was a Quaker and she refused to convert from her faith. A clergyman told her that her 13th child would be a devil.

Some of the stories have this baby escaping and running off into the woods, where it has been spotted through the centuries. Another story has Mrs. Leeds caring for the abomination until her dying day. It is a creature of folklore, for many, but some believe it could exist. Others have actually claimed they've encountered the beast.

Some across social media sites, like the tweet above, find this a bit hard to swallow. Brian Hickey, who wrote a recent article on this latest image of the Jersey Devil to surface, seems to find this image credible in a sarcastic tone. He claims this is "big news" and not "fake," in his Philly Voice article.
The construction worker, R.W., and his friends took this picture almost 16 months ago, but he just recently posted it to social media. That is where Hickey came across it. Hickey, who says he lives in Philadelphia, appears to sarcastically find this troubling as he believes this group of friends really saw the Jersey Devil on that stormy night, or so he says.
People are picking up this story, or picture, across social media. Some are taking this as a possible legitimate sighting of the mythical beast, while others are having fun chastising this picture while discussing it, which seems to be what Hickey may be doing. Some are having just a little too much fun with the latest Jersey Devil story, as seen in the tweet below.
[Featured Image by Mike Derer/AP Images]