Jenelle Evans May Win Custody Of Jace After The Judge Learns This News

Jenelle Evans has been fighting for full custody of her first-born son Jace for years. This Teen Mom star signed over the rights to her son when he was just days old because she couldn’t take care of him. Her mother, Barbara, offered to take care of him if she signed over legal custody because she could then provide him with health care through her work. Evans did sign over the rights to her mother with the agreement that her mother would give Jace back to Evans once she got a stable job, a place to live, and her life back on track. However, Barbara has not kept her promise and now she’s threatening to keep Jace away from Jenelle if she stops filming Teen Mom with her.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing a bombshell that could potentially work in her favor in her custody battle. As it turns out, Jenelle’s future husband David had also been going through his own custody case and he managed to get a time in court. While Evans has waited two years to get in front of a judge, David got into court and walked away with full custody. Jenelle reveals that this just happened and many feel that if one judge grants David full custody, surely a judge would give Jenelle full custody of Jace.

“U think Davids daughter will ever live with y’all full time?” one person asked Jenelle Evans, as the couple is dealing with two custody issues – one with David’s daughter and one with Jenelle’s first-born son Jace.

“She already does,” Evans revealed, to which her follower questioned, “When did that change?”

“Same week I had Ensley,” Jenelle Evans revealed, sharing that it had been a good week for them as they had Ensley, and David got his daughter back in custody court.

While people were more than happy for Eason and Evans, they were wondering how he could get in front of a judge so fast when Evans’ case has been postponed so many times. And it does seem like a valid question, as Barbara could be doing everything to postpone the case.

“How did he get custody so quick when u can’t get in 2 a courtroom in 2 years?” one person questioned, sharing that it seemed odd that David could get a court hearing so fast in his custody battle when Jenelle Evans has fought to get some time in front of a judge for years.

And it sounds like this was quite a win for Eason, who won full custody of his daughter.

“Yes he has full custody of his daughter,” Evans clarified, to which she got plenty of support from Teen Mom fans, who have all been rooting for her to get her son back from her mother.

“It’s really nice that you try and answer people’s questions but damn ppl are nosey! You’re still allowed privacy lol,” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, while others chimed in with statements like, “U dont need to tell us details of your life!! Keep doin what u do!! Dont feel u need to explain s**t to anyone :)”, “B tells Leah to find a man, then used MTV to find herself a man, then tells J to get rid of hers? Hypocritical much?” and “Again..agree 100% with the show enabling your mom to keep Jace from you..all for the sake of money/ratings #sickening.”

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After MTV’s recent scenes with Jenelle and her mother, fans are starting to turn on Barbara. For a long time, they supported her decision to keep Jace with her to ensure Evans was ready, but these days, it sounds like they want her to give the rights back to Jenelle, as it seems like she’s only holding on to him for the sake of the MTV paycheck.

“If y’all are good enough to have full custody of her, then ur mom needs to give Jace back to u! He belongs with y’all!” another person wrote, sharing the same sentiment as many other people who want Jenelle to get her son back in her legal care.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets about custody of David’s daughter? Do you think she could use this against her mother in her custody case?

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