Bethenny Frankel Backpedals After Drunk Comment To Model And Actress

Bethenny Frankel is a successful business woman, and she has worked hard for her massive success. She launched Skinnygirl Cocktails when she was first filming The Real Housewives of New York, and she sold parts of the business for a rumored $100 million after wrapping her third season of the show. And because she’s so successful, one can imagine that Frankel has her fair share of connections. Bethenny was recently invited to an Oscars party, where she celebrated with famous celebrities and a bunch of A-listers. As it turns out, she may have had too many martinis before one conversation.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she may have had too much alcohol before talking to one specific person. And now, Bethenny is regretting how she came off, as she didn’t say what she had intended to say. Apparently, Frankel started talking to Amber Valletta and she wanted to ask her if she considered herself more of a model or an actress. But her question didn’t come out like that.

“Everyone was George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston and Madonna,” Bethenny Frankel recently revealed to Us Weekly, telling the website that she may have consumed too much too fast, sharing, “I drank two gigantic martinis.”

Another day, another hat

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“I wanted to ask Amber Valletta if she thought of herself more as a model, or an actress,” Bethenny Frankel explains, adding that her question came out completely different, sharing, “What I actually said was: do you think of yourself more as an actor, or an actress?”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the question, as Amber may see herself more as a model than an actress or the other way around. But between an actor and an actress, she hopefully sees herself as an actress. It was an innocent slip of the tongue, but Bethenny Frankel quickly found herself trying to backpedal her comment. And she reveals that it may have been the dumbest thing that she has ever said.

“I was trying to backpedal from what a moron I sounded like…It was only the most dumb thing I’ve ever said in my life,” Frankel revealed to Us Weekly.

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Even though it was an innocent slip of the tongue, it is possible that some Real Housewives of New York viewers don’t see it as an innocent slip. It’s no secret that Bethenny is known for being outspoken and she has previously ruffled some feathers. On the previous season of The Real Housewives of New York, Frankel learned that Thomas D’Agostino was cheating on Luann de Lesseps just two days prior to their engagement party.

Bethenny Frankel had learned of the news through a friend, who had snapped pictures of him kissing another woman at a hotel. Bethenny struggled with the idea of telling Luann and she eventually shared the news, even though many felt that she shouldn’t have said anything.

“Would YOU want to know? This is the age old question that everyone says yes to, yet so many don’t know if they mean it,” Bethenny Frankel has previously written in her Bravo blog after she decided to speak out about Luann’s relationship problems last season, according to Bravo, adding, “The ones who bear the burden of deciding if you really mean it are the friends. This week I embark on the multi-episode journey of deciding if, how and when to tell Luann details that could affect her marriage but definitely will affect her relationship. There aren’t enough Skinnygirl Margaritas in the world to make this easier.”

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s slip of the tongue?

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