Why Gwen Stefani Reportedly May Not Be Asked Back For ‘The Voice’ Season 13

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been showing off a good amount of PDA and flirting on The Voice Season 12, but their relationship could allegedly be the very thing that sees Stefani sit out Season 13.

Gwen and Blake have allegedly been told by producers to pile on even more PDA during the currently airing season of the NBC show after sources claimed that those behind the scenes aren’t too happy with how Stefani in particular has been handling her romance with Shelton in front of the cameras, hinting there’s a chance she may not return for Season 13.

According to reports, Stefani’s recent friendly flirtation with a contestant supposedly had those behind the scenes of the talent search seeing red with the singer, while The Voice producers also reportedly don’t think her and Shelton’s romance has been “blossoming on screen” in the way they had initially hoped.

“Producers have really come down on Gwen for her flirtation,” a source alleged to Radar Online of how The Voice producers supposedly weren’t too happy to see Stefani joking with contestant Chris Blue during the March 21 battle rounds.

Why Gwen Stefani Might Not Be Asked Back For 'The Voice' Season 13
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“They said that it seems like the viewers do not want to see any trouble in paradise between her and Blake,” added the insider after Us Weekly reported that Gwen appeared to be flirting with Chris in front of Blake by telling him that she was “mesmerized” by his body.

Shelton then feigned jealousy after hearing Stefani’s comments during the episode, jokingly hitting back at his girlfriend of around a year and a half as The Voice cameras rolled, “Hey! What the?” before Stefani replied, “I’m sorry, Blake!”

Gwen Stefani’s flirting was also reported by BuddyTV, who claimed that Stefani’s interaction with the contestant and her relationship with Shelton were becoming distractions on the current season of The Voice, which is supposed to be about finding talent.

Radar Online’s The Voice source then went on to claim that Gwen’s joke flirting with a contestant wasn’t the only reason producers supposedly aren’t too happy with Stefani, as the insider alleged that those behind the scenes don’t think she and Shelton haven’t been showing off enough PDA.

“They basically told [Gwen] that they are really just disappointed in how her and Blake seem to be lacking the in the love department this season,” claimed the source, alleging that one of the big reasons Stefani was invited back to The Voice after sitting out two seasons was because producers know her and Shelton’s relationship is what a lot of fans want to see.

Why Gwen Stefani might not be on Season 13 of 'The Voice'
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“Part of the reason that they invited Gwen back on the show was so that the two of them could let their love blossom on screen. And they just aren’t,” the source alleged, seemingly suggesting that there’s a danger Gwen or even Blake may not be asked back for Season 13 if they don’t make producers happy.

“The producers just told Gwen and Blake that they have to honor their contracts,” added the source, amid reports their relationship may have been the reason ratings fell for Season 12.

Notably, fans have made no secret of the fact that they haven’t been loving the PDA Gwen and Blake have been showing off on the current season of The Voice, despite reports producers don’t think Shelton and Stefani have been looking loved-up enough or showing enough PDA on camera.

“I love The Voice but I haven’t watched this season because Blake & Gwen bringing up then being together every 5 seconds is annoying asf,” @LittleMiss_BEE_ recently tweeted of Shelton and Stefani on The Voice, as @GlendaKParks tweeted while watching the most recent episode of The Voice on March 28 that they were “sick of watching the ‘Gwen & Blake’ show! Turning channel, would rather watch reruns of anything!!”

What do you think of reports suggesting there’s a chance Gwen Stefani may not be asked back for Season 13 of The Voice amid reports producers think her and Blake Shelton’s romance isn’t helping the show?

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