Eminem’s Daughter In 2017: Hailie Scott Is All Grown Up

Eminem’s daughter Hailie, who was the subject of several Eminem hit songs, is all grown up in 2017.

It’s been more than 12 years since Eminem first introduced his fans to his daughter Hailie Scott in his emotional track called “Hailie’s Song.” In the 2002 single, which was released along with The Eminem Show, Eminem focused much of his attention to slam his ex-wife and mother of Hailie.

Time has gone by so quickly that the world didn’t even notice how Eminem’s daughter went from the 7-year-old girl from Eminem’s hits to a 21-year-old grown-up gorgeous lady.

As seen from her Instagram account, which was recently discovered by Eminem fans and that already boasts more than 270,000 followers, Hailie – who has always led a pretty private life – is a student at Michigan State University and has a cute puppy and boyfriend. And the 21-year-old daughter of Eminem is apparently passionate about dirt bikes.

Eminem’s daughter, who started her Instagram account six months ago, is seen flaunting her ideal figure in a series of photos. But Eminem fans cannot believe Hailie has grown up so much in 2017.

Eminem and Hailie’s mother – Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott – met back in high school, and the two started dating on and off. Eminem’s daughter Hailie was born in 1995, four years before Kim and Eminem got married.

However, their marriage barely lasted two years and the two divorced in 2001. After their divorce, Eminem got violent in his lyrics: not only toward Kim, but toward women in general, something the rapper faced criticism for for years.

In the lyrics to 2001’s “Hailie’s Song,” Eminem sung about his daughter Hailie but also got candid about his troubled relationship with Hailie’s mother, singing that Kim turned his life into a “living h*ll.”

Many of Eminem fans believe that the rapper developed a substance abuse problem after his divorce from Kim, whom he makes references to killing in his songs.

Eminem’s daughter was seemingly the only happiness in the rapper’s life at the time of writing his hit songs “Hailie’s Song” and “Mockingbird,” both of which focused largely on Hailie.

In 2006, Eminem and Kim decided to get married again, but only to divorce a few months later. Reports back in 2010 indicated that Eminem and Hailie’s mother reconciled and in his 2014 song “Headlights,” Eminem apologized and even once more proclaimed his love for Kim.

In 2017, Eminem and Kim are still separated and share joint custody of Hailie. Such a volatile relationship between her mother and father must have taken a toll on Eminem’s daughter’s upbringing in the public eye.

Hailie had never been open about her life and avoided social media until recently. But in 2017, Eminem’s daughter decided to go public on social media and chose Instagram as the platform to showcase her life, which involves her puppy and boyfriend.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Hailie posed next to a handsome guy – who is apparently her boyfriend – and wrote in the caption, “Feeling extra lucky today.”

Feeling extra lucky today ☘️

A post shared by Hailie Scott (@hailiescott1) on

Last December, Hailie shared another photo – apparently taken on her 21st birthday – featuring the same man. Hailie was even crowned homecoming queen at her high school in Clinton Township, Michigan.

A quick look at Hailie’s Instagram account can tell that Eminem’s daughter is not following in the footsteps of her music icon dad. Hailie seems to be passionate about modeling, as seen from numerous fashion shots on her Instagram account.

While the media can only speculate whether or not Eminem has other kids, Hailie is Eminem’s only known biological daughter.

[Featured Composite Image containing photos by Bill Pugliano, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Hailie Scott/Instagram]