Scheana Marie Says ‘Pump Rules’ Crew Was Sober After Filming Her Divorce Talks

Scheana Marie announced that she was divorcing Mike Shay back in late 2016 after contemplating divorce for months. Throughout the Vanderpump Rules season, Marie kept saying that everything was fine, but she never really opened up about her divorce to her co-stars. However, on last night’s season finale, Scheana revealed that she was struggling in her marriage and Lisa Vanderpump told her that she was young enough to start over. And it sounds like Marie took her advice, as she is now divorced and dating a new man.

According to a new Instagram post, Scheana Marie is now revealing that it was painful to relive the drama on Vanderpump Rules and it was hard to watch her divorce talk with Lisa Vanderpump. But she’s happy that she has been able to move on and get divorced. As she revealed on Instagram, Scheana is happy that she’s now zen again and doing well. Marie even gave a shout-out to Ariana Madix.

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“Last night wasn’t easy to watch, but I did and now it’s over. Thank you all for your overwhelming amount of support. And thank you Ariana Madix for being my rock and watching w me last night. Time for everyone to move on. #ImZenAgain,” Scheana Marie wrote on Instagram after watching the emotional Vanderpumpe Rules episode, where she decides that a divorce may be the way to go.

When Scheana Marie opened up to Lisa Vanderpump about her divorce drama, it was emotional for viewers. And one Twitter follower pointed out that it must have been emotional for the camera guy to film the scene and stay focused. And as Marie pointed out on Twitter, the camera crew has been with them from the beginning and they even filmed their wedding a few years ago.

“That had to have been so hard being the camera guy filming when Scheana Marie said she wanted a divorce #PumpRules,” one person wrote to Marie after watching the episode, to which Scheana replied, “The entire crew was the most somber I’ve ever seen them. They’ve been w us since the beginning.”

And several of the viewers also struggled to watch Marie on Vanderpump Rules. It’s clear that she has been keeping some of their issues to herself, so when she broke her silence to Lisa Vanderpump, some people were shocked.

“It was so tough to watch. Couldn’t imagine actually being there. I’m sure they’re like family to y’all,” one person replied to Scheana Marie, while others chimed in with similar sweet messages like, “It was heartbreaking to watch you guys tonight, you can see so much love between you. Sadly, sometimes love just isn’t enough,” and “You did the right thing…it’s hard to see the people you love so much fall to disease..u&them are helpless w/o honesty.”

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For a while, Scheana Marie was criticized for not being honest. Throughout this Vanderpump Rules season, she kept saying how happy she was and how everything was just fine. But when she started talking to Lisa about her troubles, fans felt that she had lied. But other viewers felt that Scheana had clearly made an effort in making her marriage work and she needed to be with someone who appreciated her.

“Broke my heart tonight but u deserve a full-time man that’s devotes his time n energy to u’r relationship Love u boo,” a Twitter follower wrote to Scheana Marie, who has clearly moved on these days with a new man named Robert.

What do you think of Scheana Marie’s Instagram post, where she reveals that it was tough to watch Vanderpump Rules last night?

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