One Direction’s Liam Payne May Just Go Solo

A recent breakup and a buzz cut? Well, if anything can be learned from boy-band history, it’s that those are the first two signs of a popular member (a la Justin Timberlake) breaking away to go solo. It seems as though, while Zayn Malik is getting all of the attention for his good looks, it might just be Liam Payne who’s heading for his own solo career.

Since Payne’s split from girlfriend Danielle Peazer, he has endured a new look, and now a new direction in his first step to separate himself from the band. In what many are saying are the telling signs of the band’s demise, Liam Payne has decided to start his own YouTube channel.

Payne wrote on his new video page as to not cause fan hysteria, “I just want to do something extra for all you amazing fans to show you how greatful [sic] I am for all your hard work and all the amazing support you give me and the boys. Im going to try and post at least one random video every few week so watch out.”

So while his departure from Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson isn’t imminent, he does seem to be rising above the group, at least with his Internet presence. Most recently his video page has had more that 88,000 subscribers, so it looks like Payne won’t be hurting for any fans anytime soon.

If One Director does breakup, which they’re probably bound to do, unless they want to appear in Old Navy commercials at the ripe age of 40 like The Backstreet Boys, it looks like Payne may have just started a small step in a solo career.