Thanksgiving Surprise! Toddler Slides 20 Feet Down Laundry Chute And Interrupts Neighbors Breakfast

A two-year-old boy fell down an abandoned laundry chute on Thanksgiving morning to give his parents a holiday shock that they’ll never forget.

Cayden Leger, climbed into the chute on the second floor of their home in Manchester, New Hampshire at 7.15 am. He became stuck and various family members could hear the child’s wails and soon rushed to help him.

In doing so his father, Eric, fractured his wrist by punching a hole in the wall as he looked to reach his son. The chute has been out of use for several years and was instead filled with various wires for electrical equipment around the home.

It was at this moment when the downstairs neighbors lept to the aid of the family by holding up the Cayden as his father clutched his hand. Firefighters then broke down a wall in the basement and were able to rescue him.

Cayden was taken to a near-by hospital and treated for several bruises and bumps but was declared healthy. Mr Leger needed surgery on his hand to fix his wrist though.

After the incident, Melissa Pendlebury, Cayden’s mother, said, “I am really grateful for my family. What would you do without your family?” Mr Leger, who also has three other children with Ms. Pendlebury, was shocked and disturbed to find out that anything or anyone could still fit down the old laundry chute in their converted Victorian era home.

The family have since nailed this death-trap closed. Did you experience any trauma during the Thanksgiving holidays?