Animal Adventure Park Live Cam: April The Giraffe Restless Throughout Evening

Animal Adventure Park’s live cam of April the giraffe on Tuesday, March 28, revealed her usual routine during the late night hours but she was restless numerous times. April spent some time pacing around her stall with breaks of getting some shut eye. A few times, she appeared to be nose-to-nose with Ollie in the stall next to her, though it was hard to see him because it was dark.

Far less viewers were watching April on the Animal Adventure Park live cam around 11:30 p.m., ET; only 88,000 were on the live stream at that time. By 11:38 p.m., April ambled over to the middle of the stall with her neck outstretched, tail raised, and her back legs spread apart. No hooves were waving “hello” out her back end, however. It was clearly a bodily function unfolding, but it usually fools viewers into thinking she’s getting ready to give birth every single time she does that. Soon after the false alarm yet again, April walked over to another corner of her stall to rest. About 10 minutes later, she finally laid down and found a position to remain comfortably still. Overall, April had a quiet evening mixed with some restless episodes.

At 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday, April was swishing her tail and experienced mild discomfort when it appeared the calf was kicking around inside her. Things calmed down and she went back to eating her hay soon thereafter.

By now, April’s followers are accustomed to waiting out the baby giraffe’s birth. It was anticipated for April to have her new calf last month, but the end of March is near and still no little one. Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, predicted that April would give birth on March 28. He joked in the latest Facebook update that he was wrong again — as he’s been many times in the past — on these kinds of predictions.

The evening update for April the giraffe on March 28 shared that she was a “great sport” throughout the day.

“April continues to progress in front of our eyes! Mammary development has increased again since this morning! Updated photo in comments. She has been a great sport all day.”

The morning update informed followers there is no more back end swell is expected and that all new developments will point to udder changes. April is surely producing a lot of milk, which brings the birth closer to finally happening.

In case anyone wants to be alerted as to when April the giraffe goes into active labor, an app is now available. Anytime something with April happens that’s worth watching, people can get a notification, K5 News reports. All people have to do is enter their email address to get a notification. The inventor, Tom Horton, said he never intended to make money off the app and that it was just an idea he and his wife came up with. All profits will go towards giraffe conservation.

Animal Adventure Park posts morning and evening updates about April on its Facebook page every day.

Changes in April can happen at any minute. Giraffes have mastered the art of hiding labor pains, which means the only way humans will be able to tell she’s going to give birth is when a hoof is protruding from her back end. From that point, it’ll take between 30 and 60 minutes for the giraffe to be delivered and another hour or so before the newborn is up on its feet.

April’s son or daughter will be by her side for at least 6 to 10 months until they’re weaned. The young giraffe will be transferred to another facility to be part of a breeding program. It’s unknown which animal park the already-famous giraffe will be assigned to.

Will April have her baby giraffe in the early morning hours or by Wednesday afternoon? There’s no real answer and it’s anyone’s guess when the big event will take place.

Are you watching April on Animal Adventure Park’s live cam throughout the evening hours to see if anything changes?

[Featured Image by Tom Shaw/Getty Images]