Melania In $2,390 Dress In White House, March 28: A New York ‘Shut-In’ [Photos]

President Donald Trump reached for the hand of First Lady Melania Trump, as seen in the above photo from inside the White House. Mr. and Mrs. Trump had just arrived for a reception in the East Room of the White House, another rare appearance for Melania to be photographed inside the White House. The occasion was a reception for Senators and their spouses on Tuesday, March 28.

Melania at White House

The latest outing of Melania comes amid much speculation about the elusive Mrs. Trump.

According to the Daily Mail, Melania may have donned a $2,390 Whistler stretch-crepe dress designed by Roland Mouret for the event. The above and below photos show the cut of the black dress, with what appears to be string detailing around the shoulders and upper back on the dress. Either way, with Mr. Trump hosting a reception for Senators, Melania looked on as President Trump gave a speech at the reception.

According to the Washington Post, it isn’t an easy thing for paparazzi to capture Melania in photos. The photographers no longer wait at Barron’s private school or around Trump Tower trying to get photos of Melania. Mrs. Trump was called “a virtual shut-in” by the publication, describing Melania as a recluse in a golden castle 58 stories above Manhattan.

Melania has been photographed in Christian Louboutin shoes during various events, either in the White House or at Mar-a-Lago. The high level of Mrs. Trump’s state of being once inspired the hashtag #FreeMelania on social media.

[mage by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

The Washington Post notes one of Melania’s rare public appearances as First Lady wherein Melania spoke in public: to read Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! to kids in a Manhattan hospital. Melania smiled as a BBC reporter, Tara McKelvey, came over to ask Mrs. Trump a question, but Melania’s “aides came in and swooped her away and had her pose for a picture,” McKelvey said.

“She wanted to answer. She was trying to answer.”

When Melania was again in the White House to host a luncheon for International Women’s Day, not wearing red, as seen in the below photo, once again the press was shielded from Melania. According to the Washington Post, Melania entered the room, began speaking at the podium, but “White House aides ordered the media pool to exit,” so Melania’s speech was not captured for posterity.

Melania is currently redecorating the White House and preparing for her move there with Barron, according to Melania’s friend, Karen LeFrak. Karen is wife to Mr. Trump’s longtime friend, developer Richard LeFrak. Karen claimed that Mrs. Trump enjoys her new role and life and that the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Trump is great, calling their union a “very happy” one.

“All these rabid rumors about her and their relationship are laughable and fictional.”

Doubters claim that Melania does not relish her role as First Lady.

Melania is a lot more low-key than Mr. Trump, as noted by the absence of Melania’s presence on the gear being hawked at Trump Tower. Melania isn’t spotted at the Trump Bar or the Trump Grill.

With former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama being a lot more visible in their White House roles, not staying behind with children until they completed school to jump into their White House digs, Melania’s delayed move to the White House is notable.

Even on Facebook, Melania posts photos that don’t often include plenty of people, oftentimes taken from the glass of her Trump Tower apartment or a car window. The Washington Post notes the POV of Melania seems that from “inside a luxurious fishbowl.”

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]