Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Officially Out Of Rehab

Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman, also known around the world as the Octomom, is reportedly out of rehab. According to Cinema Blend, she is now back at home with her children.

Suleman has apparently completed her treatment at the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California. The porn star and mother of many was released from the facility in time for Thanksgiving Day.

TMZ reports that returned home to spend the holiday with her 14 children. The gossip website even managed to get their hands on photographs of the Octomom feasting with all of her offspring.

A representative for Nadya Suleman explained that the Octomom was able to return home to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her children. Among the dishes on the table were whole ham, apple sauce, and stuffing. For one reason or another, the family opted out of actually fixing a turkey.

According to the Examiner, Suleman checked in to the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in an effort to battle her addiction to the prescription drug Xanax. Given the amount of anxiety in her life at the moment, it’s not surprising the mother of 14 found herself relying on the medication more and more.

The Inquisitr reported last month that the Octomom’s addiction to Xanax may have been sparked by the numerous psychological problems Suleman allegedly has.

“Nadya absolutely does have major psychological issues though that have been untreated for years and she should be getting help for those very complicated problems,” an insider dished. “This trip to rehab is probably just another ploy for Nadya to get publicity and money from media outlets that pay her for pictures and stories.”

The source added, “Nadya leads a very sad and lonely life. You have to remember, she is surrounded by children all day every day and has very little interaction with adults.”

Although Nadya Suleman may have her fair share of problems, at least her kids got to spend Thanksgiving with their mother.