Stephen King’s ‘It’ Trailer Has Finally Dropped: Watch The New Footage

The trailer includes the footage shown to the lucky few at SXSW in addition to one minute of totally new stuff. Fans already knew from the written accounts that the trailer would show King’s infamous paper boat scene, Georgie’s demise, the Losers’ Club (King’s name for the central group of protagonists) meeting each other, the projector scene, some of Pennywise’s alternate forms, and the scene in Bill Denbrough’s flooded basement. It is still very exciting to see these images rather than just read about them in second-hand accounts, but Stephen King connoisseurs and those following the film’s production saw them coming.

Director Andres Muschietti may have saved the best stuff for this public release. In the added minute of footage, we get to see the Losers’ Club enter the sewers in search of Pennywise. We get to see the house on Neibolt Street. The sound editing is incredible, really adding to the creepy vibe. And the creepy musical score in the trailer is incredible too. Even the more pessimistic Stephen King fans out there will most likely be happy with this trailer, which is truly terrifying.

Those who have seen the trailer are ecstatic, too.

“This movie looks beautiful,” said Frank-grimey-grimes, one user on the dedicated Stephen King subreddit.

“And I felt tension throughout.”

“This has the potential to be the best King book-to-movie interpretation ever. Can’t wait!” wrote another user handled Josh Tsavo.

Unfortunately, we do not get to hear Pennywise’s voice, or even his laugh, in the trailer. This comes much to the dismay of Stephen King fans, who wanted to hear what direction actor Bill Skarsgard will go with Pennywise regarding verbal scares. Luckily, the teaser released yesterday, a 19-second video announcing the impending trailer, did include a snippet of high-pitched laughter that fans think came from Stephen King’s iconic shape-shifting clown. Said teaser can be viewed below.

Even once the movie itself comes out on September 8, audiences will only get to see the first half of the epic tale Stephen King filled over 1,100 pages with. The story is actually being made into two movies, the first of which will cover the Losers’ Club member’s experiences as children and the second of which will focus on their exploits fighting Pennywise as adults.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. Before focusing on part two of the Stephen King saga, fans should just sit back and enjoy the beautifully constructed hype train for part one. And now that the first trailer has been released, who knows what may lie in store? At least one more trailer, undoubtedly, but what else?

Any idea what we will see concerning this Stephen King adaptation between now and its release? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sdominick/iStock]