Black Friday Heckler Calls California Shoppers ‘Brain Dead, Materialistic Morons’

A Black Friday heckler joined Best Buy shoppers in Oceanside, California to insult the throngs of people lined up waiting outside as the store prepared to kick off holiday shopping, berating those queueing for selfishly putting their own “consumerist” desires before the better interests of workers forced to come in and work on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Black Friday heckler Mark Dice recorded and uploaded his Black Friday shenanigans as he heckled California shoppers not only at Best Buy, but Target and Sears as well — all shops that had opened early on Thanksgiving evening and necessitating the “poor retail workers” to cut family time short and report to work for the earlier than ever Black Friday kickoff.

Dice’s Black Friday heckling mainly consisted of loudly shouted epithets at “mindless zombies” who were buying things they “don’t need” made from “Chinese slave labor,” all points repeated in each of his clips. The Black Friday heckler sarcastically thanked the lined up “hordes” for ruining other people’s holidays by participating in the retail orgy, berating the shoppers whose custom required retail workers to wake up in the middle of the night and skip family time to go in and work on Thanksgiving.

Dice describes the Black Friday heckler vids on his YouTube page, explaining he is “bullhorning the hundreds of people (zombies) lined up waiting to get into Target, Best Buy and Sears on Thanksgiving for helping to ruining the holiday for the poor workers who must work odd hours on Thanksgiving to accommodate the parasite consumers spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need.”

At one point, Dice’s heckling is discouraged, presumably by a Best Buy manager who says she “needs” him to stop upsetting the shoppers by reminding them their products were possibly made in China by underpaid workers.

Dice also took to Twitter to encourage others to go heckle Black Friday shoppers with megaphones, tweeting:

He adds:

You can watch Black Friday heckler Mark Dice in action below last night — do you think it’s terrible to make workers slave on Thanksgiving to up Black Friday profits?