‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Hints At All-Out War

A major spoiler for The Walking Dead finale may have just been revealed, with star Andrew Lincoln revealing in an interview that an all-out war is on the way with Negan and the Saviors.

This season has been building toward a major conflict with the brutal Negan, and the show’s finale comes with little indication as to what will happen. While past seasons of The Walking Dead have been more clear about what viewers should expect in the finale — like the arrival of Negan last season — the spoilers for the Season 7 finale have been harder to come by.

But Andrew Lincoln may have just dropped a major hint about what fans can expect to see in The Walking Dead‘s season finale, telling the Los Angeles Times that he told showrunner Scott Gimple he wanted to have a “Henry V-St. Crispin’s Day speech” in the episode.

For those who might not remember high school English class, ComicBook broke down exactly what that reference means for The Walking Dead‘s finale.

“If you’re not familiar, Henry V gave the infamous St. Crispin’s Day speech in the classic Shakespeare play. Before leading the battered English army to war against France, Henry V addressed his men. The speech is regarded as one of the best in history, and it succeeded in breathing life, as well as hope, into the lives of every soldier on the battlefield.”

“If Rick is delivering this type of speech, it means war has arrived. It also means that Alexandria feels like they can finally defeat Negan. If this speech is delivered at the very end of the episode, there’s no doubt fans will leave season seven with a much different mood than they began it with.”

Lincoln has already said that The Walking Dead‘s season finale will tie up any remaining loose ends and give a satisfying conclusion after a season of turmoil. For fans still a little upset at how Negan’s reveal and the deaths of Glenn and Abraham were stretched across two seasons.

He also hinted that Rick will be a more capable leader after the trauma of the last season at the hands of Negan, which could mean good things for the war that’s to come.

“I think there is always more pain to come on a show like this but, hopefully, it’s going to be easier for the audience to bear knowing that the original family of survivors has made a decision to fight,” Lincoln said in an interview with Stuff.

“Rick is still impulsive but he’s learned a lot this season because sometimes from your greatest foes come your greatest lessons.”

This isn’t the first spoiler from The Walking Dead season finale pointing toward a large-scale war with the Saviors. This week, AMC released a scene from the final episode that shows King Ezekiel and Morgan preparing for the war to begin.

“Although the scene ultimately focuses on the two characters, they aren’t the only ones that tell an interesting story,” noted Polygon.

“Shiva, Ezekiel’s loyal pet tiger, can be seen in the background along with an armored Carol. It’s adamant that the team is out for blood, specifically Negan’s, after everything the Saviors have put them through this season.”

Viewers who want to see if The Walking Dead season finale spoilers come true won’t have much longer to wait. The final episode of the seventh season airs Sunday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET.

[Featured Image by AMC]