Hailey Baldwin Talks Religion, Social Media, Depression, And Modelling

Hailey Baldwin is getting real about her life. She’s especially getting real about her faith. She believes that demons can possess people.

hailey baldwin on social media
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The model opened up about balancing her faith with her modeling career in a new interview with The Times UK. She revealed that when she’s not jet-setting and strutting on the runway, she’s regularly attending Bible study classes with her famous Baldwin family. She also avoids drinking alcohol for religious reasons.

“It’s not the hand-on-the-head, you pass out, weird kind of stuff. I believe in prayer and deliverance in a very intense way. There’s a Bible verse my mom always made me repeat. I can do all through Christ as he strengthens me,’ Philippians IV, 13. When I used to perform, I get really nervous, so I’d say it in the wings before I went on. I still say it in my head before I walk a show.”

Hailey doesn’t just believe in God. She also believes that Satan walks among us.

“I don’t think the devil exists as a person, but I do think people can become possessed by demons.”

Her faith has conflicted with her career. It’s especially hard when it comes to her bikini-clad and lingerie-clad photo shoots. It’s one of the reasons why Baldwin has revealed why she would never pose topless or nude.

“I never show my nipples. I never want to have a photo with my boobs pushed up next to a bible verse, but my job is my job. There are times when I put something up and I’m like, ‘Please don’t think this is me. This is work.'”

Hailey’s faith won’t come as a shock to most. She was raised Christian by her mother, Kennya Deodata. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, is a born-again Christian who is also an evangelical youth minister, according to his 2006 ABC Nightline News interview. Hailey revealed that she most feels free when she is not spending her time on social media. She said that using social media for the sake of her career has left her feeling “depressed and anxious.”

“I needed some space,” she said.

“Sometimes I feel it’s too much. If I could have kept off it longer, I would have but I have to post things for work. From the moment I turned it off the day I turned it back on, I was free.”

“It definitely does something to the soul. There are times when I feel depressed or anxious and a big part of it comes from that. If we didn’t have social media, we’d have a weight lifted off our shoulders.”

Baldwin’s relationship with Justin Bieber has caused her to receive so much negative attention and hate from his fans, according to J-14 Magazine. It’s gotten so bad that she’s refused to talk about him during the interview. Baldwin revealed she received so much flack for dating the Biebs.

hailey baldwin talks beliefs
Hailey Baldwin talks about her religious beliefs. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

She also revealed that she is used to the negative attention with being in the fashion industry. She says she does not book a lot of runway shows since she’s not tall enough. She also relies on a Bible verse her mother taught her about having the strength to get through anything in her life.

“People don’t always give me a chance. It’s weird, when you’re younger, to be told by adults that they don’t like you. I used to wonder why these grown-ups were hating on a 17-year-old.”

Hailey last got candid about faith and God in an interview with Teen Vogue. Last year, she revealed why she would rather share Bible verses than bikini selfies on Instagram. She wants to use Instagram for the sake of her job, but as long as she could be herself. The reason why Hailey has stayed so grounded is because she hangs out with her family and her church friends.

“I think that’s so big for me, because if you have everybody in the same industry as you doing the same thing as you, it’s easy to get a little bit wrapped and….lost. My family and people that I have around me personally are the reasons why I think I’m able to stay very true to myself and very grounded.”

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