Rihanna Shower Scene: Watch The Singer’s Viral Nude Scene From ‘Bates Motel’

Rihanna’s nude shower scene from Bates Motel has gone viral, with video and images from her appearance spreading online and getting attention across the globe.

The singer and actress played a small but key part of the A&E show, which gives the background of infamous villain Norman Bates in the years before the 1960 classic Psycho took place. Rihanna played Marion Crane, the role made famous by Janet Leigh in the original movie — but Rihanna’s appearance had a twist to that iconic scene.

As the Daily Mail noted, there was quite a bit of anticipation heading into Monday’s episode of Bates Motel, which had promoted Rihanna’s nude shower scene.

“It was the moment fans have been waiting for,” the report noted. “And Bates Motel didn’t disappoint when it came to recreating Hitchcock’s iconic Psycho shower scene, showing guest star Rihanna stripping off.”

But while fans did get to actually see Rihanna nude in the Bates Motel shower scene, they didn’t get the ending they were expecting. In the movie Psycho, the shower scene was where Marion Crane was stabbed to death by Norman Bates.

Rihanna had a different ending.

“The show crafted a suspenseful moment that gave a nod to Psycho as Norman — disturbed and imagining his dead mother encouraging him to commit murder — leered at Marion through a hole in the wall of her room,” the Daily Express noted. “The camera zoomed in on the translucent shower curtain, which Marion pulled back to reveal … nothing.”

“Screw this s***,” Rihanna’s character said as she returned to the motel office, where Bates warned Marion that her boyfriend, Sam Loomis, was actually married. It was later Sam who was murdered by Norman.

The show’s creators later explained that killing off Marion wouldn’t fit very well with their vision of the remake.

“Fundamentally, it was not going to be possible to make Marion Crane an empowered woman of 2017 if she just died in the shower,” co-creator Carlton Cuse told Vulture. “Rihanna really embraced our idea of redefining the character. That was the moment in which she said I’m all-in.”

Rihanna’s nude Bates Motel shower scene can be seen below (viewers should note that it doesn’t actually show any nudity).

Though Rihanna may have no trouble getting nude in front of the camera, the singer and actress isn’t too keen on watching the nude scenes herself. Last week she got coy during a live video of herself watching the episode and had to look away when the nude scene started.

“This is so weird, oh my God. I can’t,” Rihanna said. “I can’t hear my voice. It’s, like, gross!”

Rihanna has never really been afraid of baring skin before in movies and social media. The singer has posted a number of racy pictures to her social media, and paparazzi have shared some others. In early 2014, images circulated reportedly showing Rihanna topless and smoking a blunt while on vacation in Brazil.

The pictures got quite a bit of press, and the celebrity news site Popdust even published an article titled “25 Pictures of Birthday Girl Rihanna Smoking a Fat Blunt.”

While the images may be uncomfortable for her to watch, Rihanna’s nude shower scene was wildly popular with Bates Motel fans. Video and images of her nude scene have spread across social media, with the new twist earning praise from fans and critics alike.

[Featured Image by A&E]