Disney Changing Up Security Measure Processes And Locations For Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is bringing about better security measures and more convenient and efficient ways for guests to go through them when visiting Magic Kingdom. Ever since the metal detectors and bag checks were put in place, Disney has been trying to come up with better methods that are just as thorough but quicker for their guests. Well, it appears a new system has been completely put together and it will start at Magic Kingdom next week.

Earlier this year, Magic Kingdom moved its early morning welcome show to the Cinderella Castle stage from in front of the Walt Disney World Railroad train station to help with traffic flow. Well, while it has provided a bit more room for security and lines to enter the park, more needed to be done.

The Orlando Sentinel is now reporting that Disney has confirmed there will be security measure changes at its first Florida theme park starting on Monday, April 3, 2017. Not only will these new measures help speed up the security check process, but they are also expected to help keep crowding at the park entrance to a minimum.

walt disney world magic kingdom bag check security metal detectors
[Image by Danny Cox]

Currently, guests visiting Magic Kingdom will go through bag checks at the entrance of the park and then, there will be a random selection of those going through metal detectors.

On April 3, guests arriving at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) and parking to visit Magic Kingdom will get their bags checked and go through metal detectors there. That process will take place before boarding monorails or boarding ferry boats to head across the lagoon to the theme park.

Now, for those arriving at Magic Kingdom without going to the TTC, there will still be security measures taken at the park entrance, but they are being tweaked as well.

For guests arriving at Magic Kingdom via bus transportation, there will be an expanded and new security checkpoint. It will be between the bus depot and park entrance with many more bag check stations and metal detectors to keep the process flowing smoothly.

On Monday, guests staying or boarding monorail transportation at Disney’s Polynesian Village, Contemporary, and Grand Floridian Resorts will go through security at those stations. Guests arriving by boats from those resorts will go through security checkpoints at the Magic Kingdom docks, but confirmation has still not come from Disney on that as of yet.

Disney has been testing other security measures at other parks as well. For a couple of months, Epcot has been the only park having all guests go through a metal detector at the park entrances instead of just a random selection. That is expected to expand to all four theme parks in the future.

walt disney world magic kingdom bag check security metal detectors
[Image by Danny Cox]

The Orlando Sentinel did have an emailed statement from Disney which says the new security processes are part of “an ongoing effort to enhance the arrival experience for guests at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park.”

Guests visiting Walt Disney World must note that while these new security measures are going in place on Monday, changes are always possible. Things will need to be tested and tweaked and not all of the information as to how things will work has been released yet. It will be a bit of a learning process, but the new measures should really help with the flow and efficiency.

Some people have had issues with the amount of time that was needed to go through bag check, metal detectors, and all security screenings at Walt Disney World parks, but those complaints may soon be a thing of the past. Magic Kingdom will begin its new processes next week and they should very well improve the flow of guest traffic while also speeding up the wait time needed to enter the park since more security Cast Members will be present.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]