Nancy Kerrigan Has Meltdown, Threatens To Quit ‘DWTS’ Already

Things are already heating up on Dancing With the Stars this season, and it turns out that Nancy Kerrigan has allegedly already had a meltdown and even threatened to quit the show. Radar Online shared the details about what is going on with the cameras aren’t rolling. The fans saw Nancy get upset when the cameras were rolling, but then it turns out that this wasn’t the only time she had a meltdown.

A source close to production is speaking out and explaining what else is going on with Nancy. It sounds like she is having a few issues.

“Nancy is absolutely impossible to work with. She is whining and has become really argumentative with her partner. The stress of the competition, as well as her public persona, is really getting to her. Nancy is not giving this her all. She is acting like she doesn’t want to continue. No one thinks that she will last very long, because she is acting like she wants to be eliminated now.”

It has also been revealed that Nancy Kerrigan is doing the show with an injury. The source said that she will need to have surgery for a spinal injury as soon as the show is over. That is going to make things really hard for her on the show. If Nancy wanted to quit the competition, she could use that as a reason to call it quits. With her scores, Nancy was in 4th place last night, so it looks like she will be sticking around for a while based on scores and votes. Nancy Kerrigan would have to decide to call it quits to be leaving anytime soon.

People shared about the injury that Nancy Kerrigan is dealing with now. Nancy was actually at her doctor’s office when she got the call about them wanting her to be on Dancing With the Stars. She ended up saying yes and doing the show obviously. Nancy really wanted to do the show and said her kids were part of her motivation because they love DWTS.

Nancy Kerrigan then went on to explain about her injury. You can’t even tell on the dance floor at all that she is having problems. She does a great job dancing regardless. Here is what Nancy had to say about it all.

“Everything hurts. I’m so sore, it’s insane. I haven’t used a lot of these muscles in many, many years. I forgot they even were there. Training is training, it’s a mindset, but I haven’t trained and skated in a long time — and these moves are totally, totally different. We’re there for four or five hours just training straight and it’s exhausting. It’s not something like with skating where I can mark things because I know what I’m doing. This is new. so I’m trying to push hard all of those hours and I’m tired, so you get a little bit emotional and mentally drained.”

Nancy Kerrigan admitted that she would really like to become more confident on the dance floor. This may take her some time to get there, but the longer she sticks around, the easier that part of it will be for her.

Are you surprised to hear that Nancy Kerrigan had a meltdown and almost quit Dancing With the Stars? Do you think that she should stick it out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of DWTS on Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Elsa/Getty Images]