Sci-Fi Building: Analemma Tower Skyscraper To Be Suspended From Asteroid

Kristine Moore

The New York City firm Clouds Architecture Office has their sights set on the heavens with new plans to build a skyscraper known as the Analemma Tower which would be suspended from an orbiting asteroid that is located 31,068 miles above our Earth.

What would become the "world's tallest building ever" would be constructed so that the orbital path of the Earth would move the Analemma Tower in the pattern of a figure eight and take those inside of it on an around-the-world journey of both the northern and southern hemispheres over the course of 24 hours.

The design firm who is responsible for this, Clouds Architecture Office, has also proposed ideas for a city upon the clouds as well as a Mars ice house. They have described their aim of building the sci-fi Analemma Tower skyscraper from the orbiting asteroid as being one in which their designs are deemed to be planetary, as the Daily Mail reported.

"Through the course of history humanity has been able to affect the environment on increasing scales. Today our activity is being registered on a global scale. So why not apply design thinking on a planetary scale? Analemma Tower is an example of a mixed use building that incorporates planetary design strategies, yielding the world's tallest building ever."

— Vatche Galstian (@VatcheNy) March 28, 2017

For those who will be inside the Analemma Tower skyscraper that is suspended from an asteroid, they will find themselves slowly moving through many major cities of the world which will include Havana, Atlanta, New York City, and Panama City, among others.

The building will be set up in an orderly fashion and each section will be designed for very specific purposes. For example, at the lower end of the skyscraper there will be businesses and places to dine in, and people will be able to adjourn to sleep in the quarters located two-thirds of the way up the Analemma Tower.

— Enough (@ThomasTomg2001) March 28, 2017

In order to keep the Analemma Tower as self-sufficient as possible, at the top levels of the skyscraper which will be attached to the orbiting asteroid, there will be solar panels so that the sun's power can be fully harnessed. Purified water will also be generated from condensation derived from rainwater and clouds so that those inside the skyscraper will have plenty of fresh water to drink.

On the Clouds Architecture Office website, the company describes how they will be using something known as the Universal Orbital Support System which will be used to attach an extremely strong cable to an asteroid which will then be lowered down towards the Earth so that it can be attached to the skyscraper.

"Since this new tower typology is suspended in the air, it can be constructed anywhere in the world and transported to its final location."

While there may be some who are curious as to how and if an asteroid could ever be gathered for the proposed Analemma Tower, the Clouds Architecture Office has explained that NASA currently has a retrieval mission for capturing an asteroid scheduled for 2021, so the firm believes that their dream of building a skyscraper suspended from asteroid is certainly feasible in the future.

"In 2015 the European Space Agency sparked a new round of investment in asteroid mining concerns by proving with its Rosetta mission that it's possible to rendezvous and land on a spinning comet. NASA has scheduled an asteroid retrieval mission for 2021 which aims to prove the feasibility of capturing and relocating an asteroid."

[Featured Image by NASA/AP Images]