‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Villain Anna Used Valentin

General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is the villain – not Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) – at least when it comes to the little slice of their shared past at the WSB. Anna has been so smug and certain that Valentin was the bad guy but on Wednesday’s General Hospital, we’ll find out just how badly Anna used and abused Valentin.

Vulnerable Valentin Fell For Anna

General Hospital has shown us that Valentin is harboring a mix of emotions when it comes to Anna and their past. When Valentin was in training, he had a thing for her and tried to kiss her once but she cruelly rejected him. Anna insisted it wasn’t about his looks, but a glimpse at Valentin’s twisted back, stutter, and unfortunate haircut tells it might have been – since Anna was so hot and he was totally not.

What we’ve seen of General Hospital history reveals that Valentin seemed to love Anna while she considers him insignificant – until it turned out she had a use for him. Anna admitted to Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) she was selling WSB secrets to the DVX cartel. To get the info she needed, Anna seduced vulnerable Valentin and got him to give her the goods.

Anna Doubly Betrayed Valentin

Based on the current evidence we’ve seen on GH and some upcoming General Hospital spoilers, it appears that not only did Anna seduce Valentin into giving her classified intel, but then she set Valentin up to go down for the espionage once the crime had been discovered. It was Anna herself that took out a kill order on Valentin for the crime she perpetrated.

For those that question whether Anna would do this and wonder if General Hospital is tainting her legacy, Anna’s betrayal of the WSB for the DVX is part of long-standing GH history. Anna’s betrayal of the WSB is what led Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) to divorce her. This didn’t play out on screen but was talked about way back in the day on episodes of General Hospital in the 80s.

Will Anna Be Booted From The WSB?

It seems that Anna’s record must have been cleaned up pretty thoroughly – she even admitted to Andre that her past had been scrubbed. But now this old dirty laundry of Anna’s has bubbled up again on General Hospital, will it come back to haunt her? Consider who knows about Anna betraying the WSB – and the fact that she’s working at the agency again.

Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) was the one that sent the file to Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), but it’s doubtful that Faison would turn Anna in since he’s on the run and still harbors a crush on her. But Dr. O is another case. General Hospital spoilers hint Liesl might spread some of the ugly truth about Anna – especially if she thinks Anna might go after Faison or her daughter Britt.

Nina Will Not Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

General Hospital spoilers tease the real problem Anna will face will come from Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford). Nina is already on edge about Anna and thinks she’s obsessed with her husband Valentin. After Valentin revealed to Anna they had sex, the tension between Anna and Valentin will boil. Nina goes to Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) on Wednesday’s General Hospital to complain about Anna.

But when (not if) Nina discovers Anna tricked Valentin into giving her classified info and slept with him to get it, Nina might lose it in a big way. Nina already wanted Anna arrested for breaking into Wyndemere. This seduction will send Nina into a tailspin and there’s no telling what she will do, but we know from General Hospital’s past Nina can be unpredictable and utterly insane.

Now that we know Anna and Valentin were bed buddies once before, even though she was using him, that explains a lot of his attitude towards her. It seems like Anna is responsible for wrecking Valentin’s promising WSB career and setting him on a darker path. We’ll see more of this all week long according to Soap Central in their latest General Hospital spoilers.

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