March 29, 2017
Massachusetts Rep Michelle DuBois Remains Defiant Despite ICE Raid Warning Fury

Brockton, Massachusetts, residents were warned of an ICE raid slated for today by Representative Michelle DuBois (D), who took the liberty of posting this warning on her Facebook page. She is alerting undocumented immigrants of rumored ICE raids in the city of Brockton that are supposedly taking place on Wednesday, March 29. This would be the day to stay off the streets and not answer your door if you are undocumented, suggested DuBois, who is now the target of much fury today.

This move conjured up anger for a variety of different reasons including "fear mongering," which was thrown out to DuBois by a reporter in a clip seen on Fox and Friends live on Wednesday morning. DuBois was adamant that she wasn't enticing fear among the citizens. Her take on this was that she was just giving them a warning with some suggestions on what to do today if ICE agents happen to knock on their doors.

Michelle DuBois posted this to her Facebook page.

"ICE raid in Brockton on 3/28 and 29thIf you get picked up by ICE call legal services direct line for immigration help: 774-488-5961."
DuBois goes on to explain on her Facebook page how she came about this information. She writes how she got a message from her friend who happens to be in the Latin community, according to CBS Boston.

ICE raid warning in Mass sparks fury
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It appears this Facebook post has been taken down, but not before it was copied and posted everywhere else online. Once she was given this information by her friend she thought she'd pass it along, despite not validating this information, DuBois writes:

"I have a message for the immigrant community of Brockton. Please be careful on Wednesday 29. ICE will be in Brockton on that day.""If you are undocumented don't go out on the street. If there is a knock on the door of your house and you don't know who it is, don't open the door. I ask you to be careful."
This is considered by many to be a message that will entice fear in the community among the immigrants. Her warnings of not going into the street and not answering the door were enough to spike fear in people, suggested the reporter attempting to interviewed her, which was seen on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning live.

ICE Raid Rumor Posted By Lawmaker Under Fire
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The Boston Herald reports that immigration officials are furious over this deed done at the hands of DuBois, saying that she is "inciting panic." Another lawmaker went as far as saying that she "put lives in danger." State Rep. Geoff Diehl, who represents bordering towns to Brockton questioned where DuBois got this information. According to the Boston Herald it was Diehl who said "I think at worst it puts lives in danger" and at its best it questions the "ethics" of DeBois doing this.

According to CBS Boston, DuBois was asked if she thought she was obstructing justice and she answered "No, I don't." The state representative read a statement aloud for reporters saying that she is making sure that "everyone in Brockton is aware of their intended raid if there was one."

She did not contact ICE to get an official word on these rumored raids, and she also conveyed that she couldn't see the problem with perpetuating this rumor. DuBois held a public meeting after she had conjured fury over her ICE warning.

Brockton resident Jerry Terminiello was upset by what DuBois had done, and he attended this meeting in hopes of getting some answers from her over this ICE raiding rumor. Some residents came to DuBois defense.

Felicita Sepulveda from The Family Center said "Good for her." Sepulveda felt that someone needed to speak out about this. She said people are afraid to say something, but a lot of residents do feel the same way, conveyed Sepulveda.

According to ICE, they don't release information on pending raids, and they don't hold raids randomly. That also goes for checkpoints or sweeps that ICE conducts; they are not done at random. ICE spokesperson Shawn Neudauer also said as follows.
"Any person who actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community, endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent."
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