Kim Tae-Hee Is A True Aries, Actress Celebrates Her Birthday With Singer Rain   

South Korean actress Kim Tae-Hee may have turned a year older, but she still has the charm of a cherubic teen. On Wednesday, the actress celebrated her 37th birthday with her singer husband Rain.

This is the first birthday bash that the couple is celebrating after they tied the knot in January.

Singer Rain, who is quite vocal on social media, has so far not revealed his plans to surprise his lady love. However, fans are hoping that the couple will spend a quiet time in each other’s company.

After the wedding, the duo took a trip to Bali to celebrate their honeymoon. Other than this expected five-day getaway, no clues have come to light about the couple’s travel plans.

The Hallyu couple adorned the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and had a heart-to-heart discussion about their views on romance and relationships. What they said during the interaction proved that they were made for each other.

Actress Kim Tae-hee is a true Aries. The March-born princess has everything that one could wish for. She had the perfect fairytale wedding with the man she loved. The way he wooed her melted the hearts of fans.

The singer dedicated a new single, The Best Present to Kim Tae-hee. The lyrics, which pays tribute to the actress, goes thus: “Your name forever will be the biggest happiness,” which refers to his fiancée, Tae (big) Hee (happiness). According to Drama Fever, Rain also sang about the ring on the fourth finger and how she looks fairer than her wedding gown.

The couple dated for five years before they tied the knot. This could only mean that there is trust and loyalty ingrained in the relationship.

June-born Rain is a Cancer. Often, the personality traits of Aries and Cancer are not generally conducive to a long-lasting relationship. According to Horoscopes, sparks are bound to fly during the courtship stage, but the flames are bound to consume the partnership like a house on fire. However, Rain and Kim Tae-hee have stood the test of time and committed to a life of everlasting respect and loyalty.

Singer Rain’s relationship goals are simple. With a beautiful, talented wife by his side, he is sure to be a better man than ever. The MTV Award-winning singer asks for nothing, but a simple, normal family life.

“I think the ideal happiness in marriage is to live happy and healthy with children, just like what older people say. For me, it is like a ‘standard’ of an ideal father to work during the weekdays and spend the weekends with your family,” he said.

As for the fiery Aries lady Kim Tae-hee, she complements her husband in many ways.

“I think as long as you can laugh making silly jokes together, it doesn’t matter even if you are not talking about something special (with your partner). Yet, when there’s something you have to decide together and your opinion is different from your partner, you need to try hard to respect the other person and talk a lot,” said Kim Tae-hee.

The newlyweds have just started settling down. According to a report by Korea Daily, the couple, who are currently living with Rain’s parents, will soon move to a place of their own. Reports claim that Rain and Kim Tae-hee’s new house is located at the Sowol-gil hills near Itaewon. The South Korean singer had bought the house last October.

As far as the couple’s professional goals are concerned, they seem to be on the right track.

According to a report by K-Pop Herald, Rain will hold a fan meeting tour “The Confession” in Japan from April 27 to May 5. Kim Tae-hee, in the meantime, is considering new roles for her next drama.

The hashtag #Kimtaehee is trending on social media and fans online have been sending birthday messages to the beautiful actress.

[Featured Image by Lee Jae-Won/AP Images]