‘RHONY’ Alum Jules Wainstein Blasted For ‘Bad Mom’ Behavior In Divorce Court

Real Housewives of New York alum Jules Wainstein was blasted in divorce court for feeding her children non-kosher food, and her estranged husband, Michael, implied that she is a bad mother, Radar Online reported.

Michael and Jules Wainstein separated after eight years of marriage in June of 2016. They share custody of their two children, Jagger and Rio. Their divorce has been messy, and both parties have been slinging mud.

During the March 28 hearing, Michael’s lawyer accused Jules of feeding their children non-kosher foods.

“There are purchases of non-kosher food and this is a continued problem,” Michael’s attorney claimed.

“Jagger is telling my client he’s being fed clams. We take this seriously. The home had been blessed by Rabbis to be kosher.”

Wainstein’s lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, was unable to defend why Jules hasn’t been feeding the kids kosher foods as agreed. Even though Michael is up to date on his taxes and child support payments, the marital home’s electric was turned off for non-payment, leaving the kids without electricity.

“Last week my client paid her $12,000 and she’s had $25,000 from the car sale, two days later the electricity cut in the marital residence where kids live. He did contact Con Ed and worked out a payment plan.”

Instead of paying the electric bill with the support money, she allegedly spent the money shopping online. Michael’s attorney claimed he hasn’t been spending any money on himself. Apparently, he had to borrow money from his parents to pay child support payments to Jules.

“We order the defendant to contribute to marital expenses,” the lawyer said.

“I have nothing from the defendant in her own taxes. She refuses to comply. She has earned income in the last two years, but nothing from her.”

Michael asked the judge to lower his child and alimony payment from $10,000 to $2,500 a month. In previous hearings, Wainstein accused his estranged wife of drug abuse and refusing to help pay off marital debt, including $72,000 in unpaid rent for the New York City apartment.

According to Page Six, even with child support, Jules cannot pay her bills. In a matter of days, the former RHONY star blew through her five-figure child support payment. She was unable to pay her electric bill and allegedly hasn’t been paying the rent.

“The electric gets turned off. Only when it gets turned off does he go there and work something out so his wife and kids weren’t sitting in the dark,” Jules’ attorney said.

The lights weren’t off long, Michael called the electric company and he worked out a payment plan.

Wainstein’s lawyer believes that Michael is hiding money. Jules only made $60,000 for her season on RHONY. Her other business ventures have not made any money yet despite being sold in Whole Foods grocery franchise.

Then there’s the little issue about the home in the Hamptons the couple once shared. The couple did a bunch of renovations to the home, but it was owned by an LLC. The judge felt that was odd and wondered why they would continue to remodel a home they never technically owned.

“Is this really a convenient place to park assets not being disclosed to creditors?” the judged asked.

“That seems odd to me they would be renovating the house if they had no ownership.”

The judge stated it was concerning that they both seem to be hiding their finances, and it is hard to make a ruling about how much money Michael should pay in alimony and child support without an accurate account of their worth.

Jules and Michael Wainstein’s divorce is far from over.

Do you think the Wainsteins are hiding money from the court? Will the judge reduce Michael’s child/alimony payment as requested?

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