Jeb Bush 2016? GOP Rumor Mill Points To Former Florida Governor

jeb bush

Could there be another Bush heading to the White House? The 2012 election may have only recently ended but rumors about the 2016 race are already swirling. Jeb Bush hasn’t made any announcements yet but rumor has it that the 2016 ticket will have his name on it.

The New York Times reports that several of Bush’s friends believe he is getting ready to take a run at the White House. Bush is reportedly weighing “financial and family considerations” at the moment. The brother of George W. Bush is also debating the standing of his family name in the Republican party. Mitt Romney did his best to distance himself from George Bush during the 2012 election but that will be a little harder to do for Jeb.

Still, Jeb may be the GOP’s man for 2016. The Republican party blamed much of Romney’s loss on the Hispanic vote and believe that Jeb Bush could bring much of that demographic back to the party. According to the Business Insider, Bush is an “immigration heavyweight.” He has a Mexican wife, he’s fluent in Spanish, and he believes in reforming immigration laws to allow people who are already here to stay in America.

Marco Rubio’s name has also been thrown around for the 2016 ticket but Jeb probably won’t have to worry about running against the Florida senator. Rubio is Bush’s protege and could easily ask Rubio to step aside until 2020. Or, as BI speculates, Jeb could ask Rubio to join him on the 2016 ticket.

What do you think? Will Jeb Bush run for the White House in 2016.