Was ‘Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller’s Instagram Resignation A False Alarm?

While Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller may have resigned from the television show in a spectacular Instagram rant, insiders and those close to Abby are saying that it shouldn’t yet be taken as proof that she has quit the show.

The famous dance teacher took out her frustrations on the producers of her popular television show with a lengthy Instagram post claiming that she no longer wished to work for the show due to producer manufactured manipulations.

She also stated that the producers of the show were guilty of misogyny, and as a woman, Abby Lee Miller was tired of taking their directions and being mansplained to when she has been a dance teacher for a number of years.

Abby Lee Miller uses her Instagram post to say that she’s focusing on new beginnings, but those new beginnings might include spending at least two and a half years in jail for fraud. In just two months, the world famous dance instructor will finally get her sentencing. While serving probation may be the most likely outcome, it is still possible that she will be off the show while she serves time for hiding almost $800,000 from the US government.

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Abby Lee Miller at the Kids' Choice Awards. [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

However, are Abby Lee Miller’s threats real? A source close to her revealed that she storms off all of the time and threatens to quit almost daily and therefore her audience shouldn’t be alarmed by her dramatic Instagram post.

When media outlets contacted Lifetime to see if Abby Lee Miller’s threat of quitting held any water, they responded with, “No comment.”

Some speculate that the show could be better without Abby, especially with the recent allegations by former dancer and favorite student Maddie Ziegler that she stressed her out and made her life miserable as a young child.

The Jezebel joked that since Abby Lee Miller always says that “everyone is replaceable,” perhaps if her Instagram tantrum really does mean she severed ties with the show, she could be replaced by her long-time rival Cathy Nesbitt-Stein of Candy Apples Dance Center.

And while the threat of jail time is certainly real, Abby Lee Miller doesn’t seem too concerned. On several red carpet interviews, she’s hinted that she’s in the process of creating a scripted supernatural dance series that will include some of the old faces from Dance Moms, though she didn’t say whom.

But after former dancer Maddie Ziegler’s scathing commentary on Abby Lee Miller’s character in her new bestselling book The Maddie Diaries, it is probably safe to say that Ziegler and her younger sister Mackenzie will be no shows for the new television event.

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The highly anticipated new season of Dance Moms will feature a return of fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak, who left the show after having lots of problems with Abby Lee Miller in Season 4. She appeared, much to Abby Lee Miller’s disdain, in last season’s finale to announce that she missed competing with all of her friends.

However, rumors are swirling that Chloe won’t be returning to the show to compete with her former besties. Instead, she may be pitched against them and compete on a rival team to heighten the drama surrounding the show.

It will be interesting to see how Abby Lee Miller handles her return, that is if she hasn’t jumped ship before it happens.

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