Bradley Cooper Approves Of Channing Tatum, Had Sexy Contests With Ryan Gosling

Sexiest Man Alive

Earlier in the week PEOPLE magazine announced their annual Sexiest Man Alive of the year, and for 2012-2013 it’s Channing Tatum. Since the announcement, outlets have wondered what reigning champ Bradley Cooper, who was named last year’s sexiest man, thought about the decision.

According to Cooper, he thinks the Magic Mike star was a great decision to take over the throne for the year. During a special screening for Cooper’s film Silver Linings Playbook, Cooper said of the choice, “He’s got it going on. I think they got it right this time.”

Bradley has proven that he has a sense of humor about these things. It’s impossible not to bring some sort of humor, considering a group of writers vote on sexual charisma and Hollywood popularity with the same sincerity like they’re voting for president. Recently, Cooper joked that Ryan Gosling, the man that missed the title last year, engaged him in a bunch of “sexy contests” while shooting their new film, Beyond The Pines.

Of the lunchtime competitions, Cooper jokingly called them, “treacherous.” Continuing the Hangover star detailed the competitions that he and Gosling would take part in, “Who walked most sexily, who ate lunch most sexily, who opened doors most sexily. He won every time.”

It’s obvious Bradley has put his fame and sexual prowess into perspective, saying, “I don’t really think about it much because it’s nothing to do with me, it’s just a thing that was here one minute, gone the next.”

In the race for sexiest man alive, who do you think takes the prize?