April The Giraffe: Relationship With Animal Adventure Park’s Allysa Warms Hearts

April the giraffe has been winning over the internet for weeks, but her pregnancy isn’t the only thing that is keeping fans watching day after day. The giraffe has become a star in her own right, but there’s one relationship, in particular, that seems to be warming hearts around the globe — and it’s not the one with her mate, Oliver.

Animal Adventure Park’s internet sensation has been getting a lot of love from her caregivers, but fans have noticed that she has a very sweet bond with lead giraffe keeper, Allysa Swilley.

Love of my life #aprilthegiraffe #giraffewatch2017 #giraffe #zookeeper #animaladventurepark #beautiful

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“I have known April since the day she arrived in September 2015 and have worked with her almost every day since then,” Allysa said in a recent special posted on YouTube by Animal Adventure Park’s new sponsor, Toys R Us.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Allysa and April interact, you’ve probably noticed that the two are very close. Allysa will give April a lot of sweet kisses and feed her treats, but she also loves on April’s pregnant belly which is sort of the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. Each time Allysa is with April, she will rub her side, paying close attention to April’s calf and its movements. Most fans would agree that the very best part of this interaction is when Allysa kisses April’s belly!

The first night she let me rub that belly ❤ #aprilthegiraffe #giraffewatch2017 #giraffe #zookeeper #animaladventure #bellyrub

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“Allysa what do you do for a living?” Well, I kiss giraffe baby bumps…right after I shovel lots and lots of poop. #animaladventure #zookeeper #giraffe #aprilthegiraffe #kisses

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And while you might think that Allysa has the best job in the world

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, your job must be so fun!’ Well, it’s really a lot of work. So, you see me get in with April and yes, I love on her, yes, we get to spend a lot of great moments together, but the majority of my day is spent shoveling poop and feeding animals, working closely with our vet. So, it’s not all fun and games. It is a lot of hard work,” Allysa said.

Check out Allysa’s full interview in the video below.

Fans absolutely love watching April and Allysa interact and have expressed such in many comments on Facebook and during Animal Adventure Park’s live Q&A sessions.

“Allysa is beautiful and loves April so much….I’m so glad they have each other. April Kisses are the best! Thank you for sharing your Zoo family with all of us,” said one Facebook user.

“Love the video of April and Alyssa, those two are inseparable. Alyssa [loves working] and [her] role at Animal Adventure shines brightly through her smile and activity with both giraffes and I am sure [all] of the other animals too. Allysa has found her calling and April is reaping all [of] the benefits. [Thank] you Animal Adventure for sharing this adventure with all of [us]. Baby calf will be here soon for the world to see,” said another.

Birds eye view of one of my favorite kinds of kisses and a great belly rub. #giraffewatch2017 #zookeeper #animaladventure #aprilthegiraffe #giraffe

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, April is fairly close to giving birth to her fourth calf and is showcasing plenty of signs that she’s ready to go into labor. Although she isn’t completely there quite yet, Animal Adventure Park personnel have assured the watching world that everything is moving in the right direction and April will welcome her baby very soon.

Have you enjoyed watching Allysa’s relationship with April on the Animal Adventure Park live cam?

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