Calvin Harris Teases New Single ‘Heatstroke’ With Pharrell, Grande, Young Thug

Calvin Harris is about to release another masterpiece collaborated by salient names. The new song will definitely find its way to his collection of hits. The DJ announced this Tuesday that his next star-studded effort will feature Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, and Young Thug.

Calvin Harris made a Twitter announcement revealing that his next song will be titled “Heatstroke.” However, he did not give out any specific date regarding its release.

Apart from what seems to be desert-inspired artwork coming from the artist, Calvin Harris also released a list of credits for his upcoming track. This list includes the names involved in the making of “Heatstroke,” including the additional background vocalist Brittany Hazzard, also famously referred to as Starrah, and Pharrell Williams as the additional vocal producer.


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Even though there is no teaser for the song released as of now, there is enough reason to expect that Calvin Harris’ upcoming “Heatstroke” will include some certain and specific music instruments such as a real and electric piano, flexatone, synthesizer, and not to forget, a 1965 old-school Fender Stratocaster. Seems like Harris’ new track will be one hell of a groovy musical ride.

“Heatstroke” is the follow-up to Harris’ most recent all-star collab “Slide,” featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. Needless to say, Harris is lining up the A-list talent for his 2017 material.

Check out Harris’ announcement of “Heatstroke” below.

When it comes to music collaborations, Ariana Grande definitely certainly has a reputation to envy. The singer became famous very young thanks to a music-related series on Nickelodeon. Ariana has collaborated with many artists. Now her list also includes Calvin Harris with whom she recently recorded the song “Heatstroke” along with other great artists like Pharrell Williams and Young Thug.

This is the first time Calvin Harris has worked with Ariana Grande, and inevitably the fans have been on the edge since the announcement of this good news! Will the DJ succeed in doing better than his last year’s “This Is What You Came For” in the charts? Maybe “Heatstroke” is the track that everyone was waiting for. With her unique voice, not to mention the presence of Pharrell and Young Thug, Ariana Grande should be able to impress listeners in a more electro style than usual.

The official release date has not yet been revealed, but it was the same Calvin to publish on its Instagram pictures of the cover of his next single. The piece is written in part by Pharrell Williams, who was the author and producer of many successful albums and is a frequent collaborator with pop music’s hottest artists.


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Not many other producers can boast a record like that, but Calvin Harris can. Having most major labels at your beck and call is something not to be trifled with, and Calvin has made full use of his connections so far this year. Just take a look at “Slide” which featured Frank Ocean with Migos. Like, seriously? Who else could pull that off?

After the rampant success of the single “Slide” with Frank Ocean and Migos, Calvin Harris isn’t holding back and has just announced his next single which features some of the biggest names in music currently.

Calvin Harris and Pharrell co-wrote the song together featuring a myriad of different instruments – some of which were also used on “Slide.” While the public is immensely excited to hear something new from all of these artists putting their heads together, they’re also hoping that the single doesn’t end up overcrowded and incorporates a perfect blend of the different genres these artists are skilled in.

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