Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Distancing Himself From Team – Career Over?

For some reason, Tony Romo is still on the roster of the Dallas Cowboys even though there is no doubt he won’t be playing for them in 2017, and things are starting to get ugly. Dak Prescott is entrenched as the starter for the new season and years beyond, but the team simply will not part ways with Romo. As this drawn out ordeal continues to go on, the veteran quarterback is now distancing himself from some of the staff, and some believe retirement could be his only option.

Many have been wondering when the Cowboys would release Tony Romo even though there have been two “exact days” for that to happen during the first month of NFL free agency. Well, that didn’t happen either time, and he is currently still a member of Jerry Jones’ franchise, but it sure doesn’t seem like he wants to be.

As time goes on, there are fewer opportunities for Romo to sign with a team once he is released and it really doesn’t seem as if a trade is going to be worked out. Now, there is starting to be some friction between the veteran quarterback and Dallas he has called family for so many years.

dallas cowboys tony romo distancing from team dak prescott retire texans

Bleacher Report is stating that Romo is reportedly unhappy with some staff members in the Dallas Cowboys organization and that he is starting to distance himself from them.

It appears as if those who turned their back on Romo and started siding with rookie Dak Prescott last season are on the outs with the former starter. Jane Slater continued on her Twitter to say that Romo feels as if “his team was taken from him” and that would be hard for anyone to grasp.

There has really been no true indication as to where Romo could end up playing next year, but the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are the teams who come up most often. Unfortunately for the quarterback, the Broncos are not looking at him as “a priority,” and if they don’t get a chance to sign him soon, they may not try at all.

dallas cowboys tony romo distancing from team dak prescott retire texans

The longer the Cowboys hold onto Romo, the more people who are beginning to believe that his playing career could be over. Inquisitr recently reported that Romo has told some people that if he’s not signed by or traded to the Houston Texans, he may look into possibly retiring because he feels it is his only other option.

If retirement ends up coming this year for Romo, there are already some options out there for what he can do in his life after football.

Tony Romo has not publicly said to the media what he plans on doing or what he wants to do from this point moving forward. It is obvious that he wants to continue playing, or he simply would have retired by now and just been done with the entire situation, but he wants to play, and he wants to start in the NFL.

If Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys had any kind of respect for Tony Romo and all that he has given the franchise for years, they would do something with him. Trade him if the deal is right or release him and at least allow him the opportunity to sign with another team. The longer this goes on, the less chance there is of him landing with anyone else in the NFL. Romo is already distancing himself from the Cowboys and the longer it goes, the closer his career may be to ending.

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