Everything You Wanted To Know About Cracker Barrel Firing Brad's Wife Nanette

Kristine Moore

You might have observed that there has been a lot about Cracker Barrel on the internet lately, and someone who goes by the name of Nanette, a woman originally known as "Brad's wife," who was fired from her job at a Cracker Barrel in Indiana. Who is Brad's wife, why did she get fired from Cracker Barrel, and why has this story become an internet sensation so quickly?

The story begins on February 27, when a man named Bradley Reid found himself distraught when his wife, Nanette, was fired from her job as a retail manager at a Cracker Barrel in Indiana. Brad's wife had been employed by Cracker Barrel for 11 years, so her sudden dismissal shocked her husband. Bradley decided that he would take to his Facebook page to ask the question that most plagued him: why did you let my wife go?

"I would really like to know why and those of you who know me these days, know that I WILL find out. In the mean time, if any of you would like to know also, please go to their Facebook page and ask them. I would really appreciate it."

When writing his Facebook post, Bradley Reid named the woman who had reportedly fired Nanette from Cracker Barrel and followed his initial complaint with a couple of other posts about the company, which all aimed at finding out why Brad's wife was dismissed from Cracker Barrel.

After his initial Facebook complaint, Reid decided to visit the Cracker Barrel website, and here he re-posted his initial inquiry and question. Ad Week report that during the week of March 22-27, a full 90 percent of the data on Cracker Barrel's official website was taken up by comments about Brad's wife. Engagement on the company website also rose by 226 percent.

— *B r o o k e* (@BrookeSpenceee) March 27, 2017

"Sweet maple bacon? More like sweet mother of mercy, why did you fire Brad's wife?"
"Stainless steel, just like your hearts."

— FMH Addict (@FMHAddict) March 24, 2017

Memes were also created to get to the bottom of why Brad's wife was let go from Cracker Barrel. Facebook and Cracker Barrel's website aside, jokers even visited Yelp to ponder this question.

Bradley Reid realized that his initial question had been picked up by so many people that he allegedly began to feel sorry for those who worked in the Indiana Cracker Barrel where his wife, Nanette, used to work. So once again he wrote a message on his Facebook page, but this time it was to ask all of his supporters to please cease and desist. Of Cracker Barrel, he wrote, "Remember that some very good people work for them."

When Reid's pleas fell on deaf ears, he wrote one final Facebook message entreating all to leave the matter of Brad's wife being fired from Cracker Barrel alone.

"I would like to repeat that your local restaurant/store had nothing, and I repeat. NOTHING to do with this. Please send all of your questions/comments to the home office. They are the ones who can answer them...........................or NOT!"

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