Paige Birgfeld: ‘Dateline NBC’–On Double Life Of Missing Escort Mom Found Dead

The Paige Birgfeld murder case will be profiled again on Dateline NBC. The episode titled “Double Lives” will discuss how Paige Birgfeld, a Colorado soccer mom-turned-prostitute and escort, went missing 10 years ago. Her body was found in a dry bed five years later. The case gained national attention and was featured on the Investigation Discovery crime show Disappeared. Investigators say that Lester Ralph Jones, a client of Paige Birgfeld, killed her. After two trials, the first one ending in a mistrial, Lester Ralph Jones was finally found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, according to the Daily Mail.

Paige Birgfeld’s Double Life Led To Her Murder

By day, Paige Birgfeld was a soccer mom with three kids. But by night, investigators say that she was a moonlighting escort who ran her own escort service. Advertising her sex-based ads online gave her the opportunity to build her clientele. But few people knew that she had this secret life, especially her father.

It all came out after Paige Birgfeld vanished into thin air in June of 2007. Massive searches under the scorching hot sun were conducted in an effort to find the missing mother. But there was nothing. A short time later, her burned-out car was found not far from her home. But still, there was no sign of Paige.

Detectives zeroed in on Paige Birgfeld’s ex-husband, who seemed like a likely suspect until he was cleared. Eventually, another suspect came into focus. The new suspect was a man named Lester Ralph Jones, a married man with children who had a fascination with Paige Birgfeld. He wanted to experience her, and the thought of being able to get up close and personal with the former stripper was all that he wanted.

There was a fine line between Paige Birgfeld’s home life and her other life. At home, Paige was a loving mother who would do anything to make life comfortable and beautiful for her children. The envy of other soccer moms, Paige just glowed. She made other moms want to look good, keep in shape, and have a thriving Pampered Chef home business. However, the sexy Pampered Chef was pampering a whole lot of men through what the community eventually learned was her escort service. The case went cold for years, but police got a jolt when the skeletal remains of a woman were found near Wells Gulch Road off of Highway 50. The remains were discovered by people hiking in the area. The grisly finding of the missing mother’s body confirmed everyone’s worst fears.

According to locals, the area where Paige Birgfeld’s body was found was in deep rural territory. The body had to be dumped there by someone who knew the area. The killer was most likely a local.

The local, who turned out to be 65-year-old Lester Ralph Jones, is well known in Grand Junction. One YouTube personality who knew Jones personally described him as a “super nice guy,” stating that he seemed like a completely normal family man who you would never know had a terrifying temper and a criminal record. In the video, the YouTuber claims Lester Jones once tried to kill a man and that his ex-wife could probably tell some horrifying stories about his personality. With Lester Ralph Jones’ tall and big appearance, it would have been easy for him to overpower Paige Birgfeld.

The Sex Industry’s Quick Money Leads To Quick Deaths

The adult sex industry, including erotic massage, exotic dancing, and the like, attracted Paige Birgfeld because she was divorced and raising the kids alone. She liked the finer things in life, and she didn’t want to struggle financially or depend on a man. Her case should be a cautionary tale for people who love the good life and who are willing to participate in the sex industry, a seedy underworld that is rife with murder, extreme violence, and betrayal. It’s a world that even the toughest street people haven’t survived.

Paige Birgfeld’s death story doesn’t even crack the surface of what really goes on in the sex world. It is important to note that the life of a sex worker poses an extreme risk for anyone, especially a suburban mom like Paige.

In addition to Dateline and Disappeared, Paige Birgfeld’s story was also featured on 48 Hours and Crime Watch Daily. Tune into Dateline NBC this Friday at 9/8 p.m. Central. In a previous article, the Inquisitr revealed one last thing that Paige Birgfeld possibly did during her abduction. Read about that here.

Featured Image by Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department/AP Images]