Kim Kardashian Trying For Baby No. 3 — And Could Be Risking Her Life

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying for baby No. 3 – at least according to a recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians promo. However, according to Kim, a third pregnancy could very well be more than her body can handle, and could even put her life at risk. Already mom to two young children – North and Saint – Kim Kardashian has been very open about her struggles with her previous high-risk pregnancies.

And she admits that doctors have warned her that trying again for baby No. 3 could result in terrifying complications, even bleeding to death.

“I want my kids to have siblings, but the doctors don’t feel like it’s safe for me.”

As People reports, 36-year-old Kim Kardashian achieved her first two pregnancies only through the use of IVF treatments; coupled with her advancing age, she could see even more difficulties if she becomes pregnant with baby No. 3.

The first two times around, round after round of IVF resulted in fears that Kardashian would develop placenta accreta and even possibly have to undergo a hysterectomy to stop any bleeding that might occur.

After her last pregnancy in late 2015, a source close to Kim said that the reality TV princess was done having babies, due to the risk future pregnancies could pose to her health and life.

“The plan now is not to have any more kids and Kim is okay with that.”

However, it appears that Kim Kardashian is now less than “okay with that,” and has expressed a desire to add at least one more brother or sister for North and Saint to her brood before she throws in the towel for good. As People reports, while Kim definitely wants another sibling for her little ones, she is very apprehensive about the danger it poses to her life.

“I want my kids to have siblings, but the doctors don’t feel like it’s safe for me.”

Not surprisingly, Kim’s famous mom and sisters aren’t super stoked about the idea that she might choose to risk her life for a “maybe baby.” Especially after all of the medical advice she’s gotten urging her to avoid future pregnancies.

When Kim breaks to news to sister Khloe and mom Kris Jenner, Kris has some stern words for her famous daughter.

“I don’t want you to do something that would put you in danger.”

It’s entirely possible that the idea to go for baby No. 3 could come more from hubby Kanye West than Kim Kardashian herself. In one Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip, Kim talks to Scott Disick about her dilemma, placing the desire to have a third kid squarely on Kanye’s shoulders.

“Kanye has said it every single day…I don’t think I can carry another one.”

Despite her fears and doctors warnings that she could be risking her life by trying to carry baby No. 3, Kim Kardashian appears ready to give it a try. In fact, some fans are speculating that she might already be pregnant, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

In discussing having a third child, Kardashian also addresses alternative ways to grow her family. Namely, through surrogacy. While many Kim K. fans and family members think that using a surrogate could be a perfect solution to her dilemma, Kim isn’t sold on the idea and has some concerns. According to Kim, she has a lot of “unanswered questions” when it comes to using a gestational carrier.

“Like I just don’t have the information on it. I don’t know how I’m going to feel about it. I never have given it that much thought. It is something that does concern me.”

Despite (or perhaps because of) her wariness of the surrogacy process, Kim Kardashian seems determined to carry baby No. 3 herself. Or at least to try. No matter the risk.

“Obviously, I do want to have my own baby, you know, but I feel like I truly don’t know if my body can handle it one more time.”

Only time will tell if Kim gets her wish and can get pregnant once more and carry a third child to term without sacrificing herself to do so, and it goes without saying that the world will be watching as Kardashian showcases the journey of baby No. 3 on her reality show.

[Featured Image by Lionel Cironneau/File/AP Images]