WWE Rumors: Is Alberto Del Rio Marrying Paige To Stop Her From Harming Herself?

With the Paige sex scandal exploding everywhere, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Alberto Del Rio — the former WWE superstar who is now going by the name Alberto El Patron — is getting married to Paige, his fiance, to get the heat of the sex tape scandal off of her. It’s not that he wasn’t going to marry her in the first place — the two were engaged before the scandal exploded — but the pressure to get married is now greater than ever thanks to the scandal.

Moreover, Alberto Del Rio (or Alberto Del Patron, whichever you prefer) has started spreading the rumors that the WWE will not leave him and Paige alone.

But according to the latest WWE rumors from The New York Post, Alberto Del Rio may have wanted to marry Paige to save her, because Paige wanted to kill herself after the sex tape scandal exploded.

“I had days [where] I wanted to physically harm myself. Not only for what millions was telling me but because my family and my husband were suffering the same fate from the internet because of my mistake.”

And, according to the latest WWE rumors from Hollywood Life, Del Rio places the blame squarely on the shoulders of the WWE brass for all of the drama that has gone on. Paige has been engaged to Del Rio for more than five months, but there was no talk of them getting married until now.

Now, while the WWE wasn’t mentioned by name in Del Rio’s post, he did mention that Paige would be his wife as of tomorrow, and there would be no other reason for them to walk down the aisle if it were not for the fact that he wanted to get rid of the scandal on Paige’s behalf.

“Alberto’s relationship with WWE has been rocky, to say the least. He was fired from WWE in 2014 for “unprofessional conduct” after an incident with an employee. He was brought back to the organization but was suspended in Aug. 2016 along with Paige for violating WWE’s wellness policy. He left WWE for good in Sept. 2016. Paige was suspended again in Oct. 2016 for violating the same policy.”

So, let’s talk about this wedding!

According to the latest WWE rumors from Comic Book, Del Rio insists that it was a company — not an individual — that leaked the photos. Del Rio is claiming that the company isn’t happy with the fact that he and Paige are in a relationship, and they’re doing all of this to get the couple to break up.

So, wrestling fans, now it’s your turn. What do you think of these latest WWE rumors? What do you think will happen with Paige and Alberto Del Rio? Do you think that their marriage will get the picture leaks to stop?

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