Tamar Braxton Money Troubles? Husband Vince Sued By Sony For $3 Million

Tamar Braxton’s husband, Vince Herbert, is embroiled in a $3.4 million legal dispute with Sony Music after label execs alleged he reneged on a deal to bring in new talent that included his wife.

The JasmineBRAND reports the label is seeking a default judgment against Herbert for the full payment he allegedly still owes, plus interest. Sony execs recently moved to file a motion seeking default judgment after Herbert failed to respond to the allegations in a scheduled court appearance.

According to the website, Sony insists Herbert was signed to a deal with Streamline Records that called for him to bring in at least two new artists a year, the first agreed upon one being his wife.

The $5 million was reportedly paid to him as an advance against the company’s share of the joint venture future profits, and in exchange, they would have the right to recoup the advance from payments due to Herbert from Interscope Records.

The language of the deal also prevented Herbert from altering the arrangement between Interscope and Sony without first seeking the latter party’s approval.

Tamar Braxton performs in concert at Beacon Theatre in New York City. [Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images].

As part of the deal, Herbert was also named executive vice president of A&R and was paid an annual salary of $100,000, while Braxton received a $1 million advance payment.

Sony execs now allege sometime around October of 2015 that Herbert informed Interscope execs to cease making payments to the label at a time when he still owed some $3,471,685 on the original $5 million advance.

Legal troubles related to finances come as nothing new for the high-profile couple, with TMZ recently reporting that Braxton was hit with a suit by Crystal Clear Audio & Video charging that the company was never paid for custom wiring installations done over several days of work at the couple’s Calabasas home.

The company was reported to be seeking the overdue balance, plus interest and collection fees, totaling at least $3,724.

Herbert was also recently slapped with a $3 million federal tax lien, alleging that he failed to pay taxes in at least the years 2010, 2011, and 2013. In all, the Braxton Family Values star was reported to be $3,325,107.70 in the arrears.

For the tax period ending in 2010, he allegedly failed to pay $66,315.30, in 2011 $2,267,845.97 and in 2013 $990,946.43.

Tamar Braxton and husband Vincent Herbert visit BET's '106 & Park' in New York City. [Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images].

Meanwhile, Braxton was fired from The Real talk show in 2016 and recently opened up for the first time about her unexpected ouster.

“Everyone, I think, at some point in your life, feels like the rug is being pulled from under you but,” she told Steve Harvey during a segment on his morning radio show.

Since leaving the show, Braxton has openly feuded with most of her former co-hosts and told Harvey no one from the show directly called her to let her know she was being let go.

Braxton insisted she still isn’t sure why she was so abruptly terminated.

“I just want to say, getting fired or being let go from a situation does not mean that you shouldn’t value your worth because I do,” she said.

Braxton further insisted that she is now determined not to allow one bad situation to change her overall outlook on life or the way she views her career.

“I just feel like I’m just not going to allow anybody to dim my star or dim the way that I see me because it took me a long time to see myself or take myself for who I am,” she added.

[Featured Image by John Ricard/Getty Images]