Charlie Hunnam Confronts Those Green Arrow And ‘Fifty Shades’ Rumors

Charlie Hunnam is quickly making a name for himself on the big screen. With DC Comics Extended Universe gearing up for another year of big releases, many fans would love to see Warner Bros. introduce Hunnam as the new Green Arrow. Unfortunately, that dream isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

While his promoting his upcoming film The Lost City of Z, the Sons of Anarchy star addressed the rumors of his involvement in the Green Arrow franchise. According to Screen Rant, Hunnam revealed that playing a superhero on the big screen is not a goal for his acting career.

“I didn’t grow up a comic book fan and I haven’t really seen any of those Marvel films or Batman films. It’s just not really my taste,” he revealed. “I must confess I don’t even really know who the Green Arrow is…. It’s not part of my vision for my career or what I aspire to.”

Warner Bros. has not revealed any plans to bring Oliver Queen to film. The studio has announced a slew of upcoming movies — The Flash, Shazam, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, Black Adam, Suicide Squad 2, Man of Steel 2, and Gotham City Sirens — but Green Arrow isn’t among them.

Charlie Hunnam And Robert Pattinson's 'The Lost City Of Z' Premiere Date Finally Revealed — Everything We Know [Image via Paramount Pictures]
Charlie Hunnam in 'Lost City of Z' [Image by Paramount Pictures]

Even if Warner Bros. comes out with a Green Arrow movie in the near future, that doesn’t mean Hunnam would be considered for the part. While it doesn’t sound like Hunnam wants the role, he’s not completely oblivious about superhero movies.

Celebeat reports that Hunnam is a huge fan of Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spiderman. Hunnam worked alongside Holland in The Lost City of Z and said he was “humbled” to play the young actor’s dad in the movie. The Sons of Anarchy alum also said fans went crazy over Robert Pattinson, who is also in the movie, and shared a little-known fact about his girlfriend, Morgana McNelis.

According to Yahoo Movies, Charlie Hunnam said that he approaches sex scenes a little differently now that he’s in a serious relationship. Although he was almost cast for the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey, Hunnam doesn’t like performing sex in front of the cameras.

“I try to be sensitive to the fact that we’re doing something intimate, but also keep a clear boundary,” he explained. “Because I’m in a very committed relationship and I’m also cognizant that it’s not my girlfriend’s favorite part of my job. It’s a delicate balance to strike—to be emotionally open enough to have an experience that feels honest between two people but also maintain that it’s just for the film.”

Hunnam was set to start in the 2015 erotic drama before backing out due to scheduling conflicts. The actor hasn’t talked a lot about the bad experience but admitted that he still hasn’t watched any of the movies.

“I developed a friendship with [director Sam Taylor-Johnson], but that was a somewhat traumatic experience for me. I didn’t want to open that wound,” he added.

Jamie Dornan ended up with the part, starring opposite Dakota Johnson in the hit erotic franchise. Hunnam was unable to commit to the movie because he was too busy with wrapping up the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur in 'Legend of the Sword.' [Image by Warner Bros.]

Fortunately for Hunnam, backing out of Fifty Shades of Grey did not damage his career in the movie industry. Apart from his role in The Lost City of Z, Hunnam is gearing up for his role in Guy Ritchie’s new film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, in theaters on May 12, 2017.

Fans can watch Charlie Hunnam in action when James Gray’s The Lost City of Z hits theaters next month. Check out previews for both of his upcoming movies below.

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