Brynn Rumfallo Calls ‘Dance Moms’ Co-Stars ‘Hookers’? Ashlee Defends Daughter

Dance Moms fans have been coming at Brynn Rumfallo after the reality star threw shade at her co-stars, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, Chloe Lukasiak, and Camryn Bridges. Early this week, eagle-eyed followers caught Brynn liking an Instagram comment calling the former ALDC members “hookers.” It did not take long before her mom, Ashlee Allen, defended her daughter’s behavior on social media, going on an all-out Twitter war against Chloe’s mom, Christi Lukasiak.

Following the ongoing drama between Abby Lee Miller and the girls, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, and Camryn Bridges left ALDC once again to join 8 Count Dance Academy. According to Radar Online, together with Chloe Lukasiak, the junior elites competed at Nationals with the new studio. The latest Dance Moms spoilers revealed that the group performed a risqué number, which is very different from what the ALDC has done before.

Kendall, Kalani, Nia, Camryn, and Chloe, doing a more mature routine, however, did not seem to impress the judges. Insiders revealed that the ALDC, with Brynn leading the team, ended up winning the nationals.

Congrats to my little llamas. @lillykofficial and @ellianawalmsley_ @therealabbylee @gmartello22 ????

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Up until this point, it did not seem like there was bad blood between Brynn Rumfallo and her Dance Moms co-stars. Brynn was just being loyal to Abby and the ALDC while the rest of the junior elite team felt like they needed to move forward with a different dance studio. That was until Brynn shocked everyone by liking a shady comment toward her co-stars, saying that they looked like “hookers” because of the outfit they wore at nationals.

“I’m so glad you won. The elites were dressed like hookers,” a fan by username candlevertes123 wrote.

Many Dance Moms fans were surprised and disappointed with Brynn Rumfallo’s behavior, calling her “shady” and “rude.” Several of her supporters, however, pointed out that no one knows what is actually going on between Brynn and the girls. They held that people should not immediately jump to conclusions based on a single comment or, in this case, a single like.

Ashlee Allen immediately came to daughter Brynn Rumfallo’s defense, insisting that her daughter never called anyone a “hooker.” She knew that Brynn liked a shady comment about her former Dance Moms co-stars, but Ashlee pointed out that Brynn calling Kendall, Nia, Camryn, Chloe, and Kalani a hooker was a “blatant lie.” Ashlee also came at Christi Lukasiak, Chloe’s mom, after Christi called her out on Twitter.

“Funny that u talk about ‘morals’ b/c of a DANCE but then think its ‘morally okay’ to let ur daughter call our girls hookers on social media,” Christi tweeted.

“Please screen shot and post where Brynn actually called your daughters Hookers. I would LOVE to see it,” Ashlee wrote back.

Ashlee also retweeted a fan comment that said Christi would tolerate/let Chloe throw shade on Twitter but get affected by Brynn liking comments. Ashlee also replied to a fan who pointed out that everyone was quick to judge Brynn when just a couple of months ago Camryn got away with calling her Dance Moms co-stars “fake.”

“I just love how camryn can say she hates the girls and their moms and it’s all peachy clean talk about #Fake,” a fan by username sunshine3552419 wrote.

“And she said they were all Fake just yesterday and call Brynn a b**ch… but let’s all freak out about Brynn liking a comment,” Ashlee wrote back.

Some Dance Moms fans felt that Ashlee should pay closer attention to how Brynn Rumfallo handles her social media accounts. They pointed out that fans were looking at Brynn’s every move, and she cannot afford to make shady moves like this and expect to go unnoticed.

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