Calif-Vegas Party Train Planned To Extend Sin City Debauchery

calif-vegas party train

A Calif.-Vegas party train is on the docket to bring travelers from part of the Golden State to Sin City, tacking another five hours of partying on each end of the journey.

The Calif.-Vegas party train could be truckin’ as early as 2013 for Vegas travelers with an insatiable appetite for bacchanalia, and it promises to be quite the loco motive.

If your Vegas forays would be best started before you leave the state, the Calif.-Vegas party train can help you get in Sin City mode before your bags hit the ground in Nevada. The Las Vegas Railway Express’ “X Train” is pimped out with recliners, flat-screen TVs, food, drinks and two spacious lounges.

The Calif.-Vegas train sound a bit … well, like Vegas? That’s the whole point, says CEO Michael Barron, and the company backing the $100 million venture is hoping to cash in on the desire to get your sin on well before you enter Las Vegas city lines.

But if you’re looking for the option of a quiet car, the Calif.-Vegas X Train experience may not be for you — Barron explains:

“The whole idea is when you get on a train, you feel like you’re in Las Vegas … It’s essentially a nightclub on wheels.”

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The Calif.-Vegas party train is also competitively priced. For a $99 one-way ticket, you get a meal and drink included, but the bar isn’t open.

Sound appealing? The Calif.-Vegas party train is set to embark upon her maiden voyage in just under a year on — of course — New Year’s Eve, 2013.