$4.2 Million Christmas Tree Is 88 Lbs. Of Pure Gold

$4.2 million Christmas tree

A $4.2 million Christmas tree has gone on sale in a jewelry store in downtown Tokyo, featuring a stripped down theme with some of the most beloved Disney characters.

The $4.2 million Christmas tree is forged from pure, solid gold. And while Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse are design elements of the ultra-luxe Christmas decor, the style is all grown up and, we might add, very, very heavy.

This $4.2 million Christmas tree is not your typical Pooh and Piglet Disney vibe — and not the type of thing you can pick up at any mall Disney shop. And for your $4.2 million, you get expert craftsmanship as well as an investment you can melt down one day when money is tight.

Tomoko Ishibashi of the marketing department of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry explains of the $4.2 million Christmas tree:

“Right now gold is over 4,400 yen per gram. We used pure gold and had an expert craftsman form each Disney character by hand.”

Takashi Miura, a jeweler at the store, has seen the $4.2 million Christmas tree and says:

“It is very vivid and the gold is very pretty … The characters on it are also really cute and it really looks like a Christmas tree.”

Charlie Brown vs. atheists

But hey, times are tough — and if you can’t afford the $4.2 million Christmas tree, the store has one for a steal that is not as extravagant and costs a bargain basement $243,000.

The full-scale $4.2 million Christmas tree has no takers as of yet, but the small-scale version already has some buyers lined up to snag a one of a kind Christmas keepsake — that happens to cost as much as a small house.