WWII Postcard Arrives 70 Years After It Was Mailed

World War II Postcard

Elmira, NY – A WWI postcard arrives at an upstate New York home roughly 70 years after it was mailed, according to Yahoo! News.

George Leisenring was stationed at Camp Grant’s Medical Center Barracks in Rockford, Illinois during World War II. While his parents were paying their military son a visit, they decided to send a postcard home to their daughters, Pauline and Theresa.

Unfortunately, George Leisenring’s sister never received the communication from their parents.

The WWII postcard has now arrived at its intended destination 70 years after it was mailed. Another family now lives at the address on the card.

According to The Blaze, the message on the postcard reads as follows:

“Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired. Geo. looks good, we all went out to dinner today (Sunday). Now we are in the park. Geo has to go back to Grant at 12 o’clock tonight. Do not see much of him. We are going to make pancakes for Geo for supper tonight. See you soon. Love Mother, Dad.”

“It was delivered in mint condition. We were so shocked,” the home’s current resident explained. “It’s a treasure that just showed up in the mailbox with our address on it.”

The United States Postal Service isn’t sure why the postcard never reached its destination or how it found its way back into the system.

“We hear about things like this happening every once in a while,” a spokesperson for the Buffalo branch of the US Postal Service explained. “Generally, if old mail pieces are uncovered in a postal facility, they are put in the mail with information about where the items are found.”

Sadly, the sisters may never have known about the postcard; Theresa died in 1954 and Pauline passed away in 1962.

The WWII postcard that arrived 70 years after it was mailed is currently being offered to the descendants of the Leisenring family.