Scheana Shay Divorce: Mike Accused Of Cheating On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion?

Did Scheana Shay’s former husband cheat on her during Vanderpump Rules Season 5?

According to a sneak peek at tonight’s reunion special, Mike Shay is accused of communicating with another woman during their 2-year marriage.

Although fans will have to wait until tonight’s new episode to find out what did or didn’t happen between Mike and the unidentified woman, Scheana Shay discusses the issue in the preview. That said, she recently claimed to have “blacked out” after the start of filming on the reunion episode.

“I emotionally blacked out after,” Scheana Shay told TooFab at the Power Rangers premiere in Los Angeles last week. “I don’t even remember everything I said and I’m really nervous to see the edit of it. I feel like I have to [watch]. I haven’t been watching the show so much, but the reunion I feel like I’m gonna need to watch it, just because so much happened. I need to know what I need to defend on Twitter.”

Scheana Shay said that while she is “anxious” to watch the reunion special, she’s currently happy with her new boyfriend Robert Valletta and doing her best to move on from her marriage to Mike Shay. Scheana Shay and her former partner tied the knot during Vanderpump Rules Season 4 after getting engaged the year prior. A short time later, Mike began facing substance abuse issues and his marriage to Scheana Shay nearly fell apart.

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While Scheana Shay and her husband temporarily recovered after Mike got his addiction struggles under control, they began facing marriage troubles again in late 2015, and after Mike Shay allegedly went missing, they called it quits.

“I’m divorced now so I don’t need to re-live and re-watch all of that, where I’m happy and talking about babies,” she said. “It’s things I don’t need to see. Been there, done that, lived it, I’m much happier now.”

Scheana Shay and Mike Shay appeared to be doing okay during filming on Vanderpump Rules Season 5 and at one point, Scheana revealed that she was considering starting a family with Mike. Now, just months after confirming plans for divorce, she is committed to Valletta.

“I got that hottie back there, his name is Rob Valetta,” she said at the event, pointing to her actor boyfriend. “We’ve known each other a little over a decade, but recently rekindled things and I’m really happy.”

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Although Scheana Shay and Mike Shay called it quits on their relationship last year, fans will continue to see the couple enjoying what appear to be happy moments with one another on Vanderpump Rules.

“Shay’s been sober for eight months now and I’m really happy and proud to be celebrating a second anniversary with Shay,” Scheana Shay said during the episode, according to a report by E! News. “He’s in his happy place, working on music, staying sober…it takes a lifetime to accomplish what you’ve done in a year.”

While Mike Shay is rumored to have suffered a relapse prior to his split from Scheana Shay, he denied that he had fallen off the bandwagon in a message to fans in November of last year. He also encouraged his fans and followers against believing everything they read on the internet. That said, his relationship with the reality star was confirmed to be over days later.

To see more of Scheana Shay and her former husband, Mike Shay, tune into the finale episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 5 tonight, March 27, at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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