Gangnam Style Christmas Lights Go Viral

Every time we write a “Gangnam Style” article, we declare that the viral hit by South Korean entertainer PSY has reached its peak, and every single time, we’re wrong. Case in point: Below you’ll find a video of a Christmas light display synced to “Gangnam Style” put up by a guy with way too much time on his hands.

The video comes from, a site run by Austin, Texas-area resident John Storms, an SQA Engineer for NVIDIA. As a hobbyist, Storms syncs a Christmas decoration light show to various Christmas songs, the Pomplamoose remix of the Angry Birds theme, and now, the viral “Gangnam Style.”

On his YouTube channel, Storms has several 2012 Christmas light show videos, but the “Gangnam Style” clip stands out due to the massive popularity of PSY’s hit this year. Uploaded on November 21, the video already has almost 25,000 hits.

As far as we can tell, PSY himself is not involved in this video at all, despite the entertainer’s penchant for traveling all over the world to get various celebrities and public figures to do the “horse dance” popularized by the “Gangnam Style” video. Most recently, PSY has courted Hugh Jackman into going “Gangnam Style” on the set of The Wolverine, and even convinced the UN secretary general to do the dance on video.

Though US President Obama hasn’t gone “Gangnam Style” yet, he recently remarked that he thinks he can pull it off.

As a result of his hard work, the video has now made it to the mainstream news, check out the full coup here including how it only costs him $15 to run the lights for the whole of December!

‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas light show

Here’s the video of the Christmas decoration “Gangnam Style” light show. Let us know what you think!