Rory McIlroy Sunstroke: Golfer Brushes Off The Heat

Rory McIlroy Heatstroke

Rory McIlroy may have been suffering from sunstroke on Friday, but the heat-related illness didn’t seem to slow the golfer down in the least.

According to Yahoo! Sports, desert sunstroke isn’t enough to keep McIlroy off the course. The golfer explained that his heritage may have played a role in his inability to handle the Dubai heat.

“I didn’t feel great last night but was much better this morning and felt almost 100 percent out there on the course,” McIlroy explained. “I had a bit of a sore head last night. I guess it’s just us Irish and the skin not used to this sort of sun.”

Worried about taking too much medication due to the strict anti-doping regulations, the golfer explained that he received some natural remedies from girlfriend and professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

“Caroline squeezed about five lemons into a glass and I took that. Then I had some vitamins and a mineral drink – it made me feel a little better,” McIlroy said. “With the anti-doping [checks in golf] you can’t really take too much.”

According to ESPN, Rory McIlroy’s bout of sunstroke didn’t seem to put much of a dent in his game. The professional golfer jumped to the top of the leaderboard in the second round of the Dubai World Championship on Friday.

“I continued driving the ball well today and gave myself plenty of opportunities,” McIlroy explained. “Missed a couple of short ones on the front nine for birdies. But apart from that, it was a very solid round of golf and obviously in good position going into the weekend.”

PDR Health explains that sunstroke can often set in with little to no warning. Symptoms of the sudden headache, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, muscle cramps, sudden dizziness, weakness, and faintness. People who think they’re suffering from the heat-related illness should seek medical attention immediately.

Despite the sunstroke, Rory McIlroy is currently tied with Luke Donald and Briton Marc Warren in the second round of the Dubai World Championship.