Sheree Whitfield Slams ‘RHOA’ Editing: Did Bravo Play With The Edits?

Sheree Whitfield RHOA

Sheree Whitfield is very protective of her children and fans have often seen her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she has coached them, educated them and been there for them. For a while, Sheree was a single parent, as Bob Whitfield was absent, but he’s now back in their lives to try and make up for the years he was absent. And now that Sheree isn’t alone, she’s starting to show her feisty side a bit. During last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Whitfield slammed her co-star, Cynthia Bailey, for making it seem like her son was late for a job.

According to a new tweet, Sheree Whitfield is now calling out Bravo for the poor edits, as her son was made out to be a guy who couldn’t show up on time. Cynthia had hired Kairo for a fashion show to showcase her new line of handbags. While she was rushing around to try and get the show ready, Kairo hadn’t shown up. The editing made it seem like he was running very late, but Sheree Whitfield noticed that her son was actually in the background during some edits. And now, she’s coming to her son’s defense.

???? Mother-daughter moment!

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“Now, now what we aint gonna do is make it seem like Kairo was an hour late. #RHOA,” Sheree Whitfield tweeted last night as The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Bravo, as Cynthia kept asking people where Kairo was and if he was there on time.

During the episode, Cynthia asked Whitfield about her son’s presence and she blamed traffic. Sheree was surprised to learn that her son had not shown up on time, but now that she’s watching the show back, she’s not pleased with the way her son is being portrayed. Of course, Sheree Whitfield’s son wants to work as a model and getting this kind of edit on The Real Housewives of Atlanta probably won’t work in his favor.

“For the record, Kairo was NOT 45 mins late…he was no more than 7-10 mins late. #RHOA,” Sheree later tweeted, adding for one scene, “Hey Kairo….we see u in the background while they are “looking for u! #Rewind #Pausethetv #Stopplayin.”

Plus, Sheree Whitfield also looked like a crazy mother, who only wanted the best for her son. Even though the modeling job was unpaid, Sheree kept bringing it up. While she could have forgotten that the job was unpaid, she kept bringing it up as if to make Cynthia look like a selfish woman, who wanted models to work for free. Bravo then showed a clip, where Bailey tells Sheree that the position is unpaid and that he would be getting a backpack instead.

"Expect that God is going to heal your pains, restore what you have lost, provide ALL the financial resources you need & BLESS your future!" #RHOA

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If that wasn’t enough, Sheree Whitfield felt that she had to remind Cynthia about the backpack. As it turns out, Kairo still hasn’t received the product that he was promised as a thank-you for the free work that he did.

“The fashion show was great and all the models were awesome…Cynthia Bailey, Kairo is still waiting for his back pack boo! #RHOA,” Sheree Whitfield tweeted, reminding her friend that she had promised Kairo a backpack, to which Bailey replied, “Ordered it mama! It’s coming!!! Kairo did a great job. Always happy to support.”

When asked on Twitter how his career was going, Sheree has revealed that her son has booked several things since the fashion show, including a music video. In other words, The Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t ruined his career.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s comments about the Bravo edits? Do you think Kairo was made out to look like an irresponsible boy who can’t show up to appointments on time?

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