Hot or Not Redesigns (Not So Hot)

Hot or Not, the website that draws the crowd to tell you if you’re hot or not, has redesigned. It was supposed to make the site more hotter so the company is boasting that it now includes more robust profiles, new virtual gifts, buddy lists, and faster access to the Hot or Not gossip and celebrity ratings.

“We are extremely excited to bring this new design to our audience,” said Glenn Graff, CEO of Hot or Not. “From the new logo that captures the passion and the energy of our loyal audience, to the expansive presence of our Hotlists application, we believe that we have dramatically enhanced the value proposition of the product. The site now allows customers to join faster, display a richer profile and have more fun rating and connecting with like-minded people – making for a more enjoyable user experience.”

This re-design is apparently the first of many improvements the company plans to make to enhance the brand and to significantly improve the product to ensure that its valued audience has a great experience each and every time they visit Hot or Not.

I miss the old company that James Hong and Jim Young originally founded in October 2000. I do not have that same feeling anymore for the site since Avid Life Media bought it in February this year. It’s simply not Hot for me anymore (again, it’s just me).